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7 benefits of having a Dubai residence visa

7 benefits of having a Dubai residence visa

Having a residence visa Dubai is a great way to get yourself into the emirates. Not only can you work, but you can also own your own property in the UAE. There are so many advantages to living in the emirates, that you should definitely take advantage of residence visa renewal Dubai. Let us have a look:


Top Benefits Of Residence Visa Dubai


1. Retire In Dubai

The United Arab Emirates has announced a new residence visa for retirees. It is designed to allow retirees to live longer in the UAE. This visa offers a variety of benefits, including an ideal East-meets-West location, a tax-free atmosphere, a high quality of life, and a diverse population.

A retirement visa can be obtained in a variety of ways. These include an option that includes a three-year fixed deposit of at least Dh1 million and the option that requires the purchase of a property worth at least $275,000 in Dubai.

Another option is to obtain a five-year renewable visa. You can apply for residence visa renewal. To qualify for this option, you need to be 55 years old and have a monthly income of at least Dh20000. You also need to own an un-mortgaged property worth at least Dh2 million.

Finally, you will need to have health insurance in the UAE. You must purchase a policy at least one day before the application deadline.


2. Work In The UAE

If you want to move to the UAE to work, you will need a UAE residence visa. This document shows that you have a job offer and are sponsored by an employer in the country. You will also need to pass a medical exam and get a residency permit before you can actually stay in the UAE.

The requirements for getting a residence visa renewal Dubai are largely determined by your employer’s needs. However, a few guidelines will help you along the way.

Applicants must meet the minimum age requirement. They must have a valid passport. In addition, they must have proof of health insurance.

Work permit application procedures are fairly straightforward once all the necessary documents are in place. For instance, you will need a signed labor contract, passport-sized photographs, a commercial license, and a copy of your passport. A notarized translation of all the documents is also required.

A work permit is a document that allows you to work in the UAE for two months. During this time, you can travel to other parts of the country.


3. Own Real Estate

There are a couple of options when it comes to owning real estate in Dubai. You can buy a property in cash, or take out a loan. However, your home can only qualify for a residence permit if it is in a freehold area.

The UAE offers residence programs for people with certain skill sets. This includes students, professionals, and businessmen. Depending on your investment, the visa will be for two, five, or ten years. Also in this way, you can apply for a residence visa renewal Dubai.

Real estate investors are able to bring their entire families to the country. However, they will need to pay a government fee of AED4000 to US$1,000.

Applicants should prepare several documents. For example, they should have a valid passport. They also need to have a certificate of good conduct from the UAE police. In addition, they must have a medical checkup and a test for serious infectious diseases.

A 10-year visa is possible to obtain if you invest a minimum of 10 million AED. It also gives you the option to extend the duration of your residency to include your spouse and children.


4. Visit the Emirates

Whether you are visiting the emirates to take a holiday or to study, it is important to apply for a Dubai residence visa. A residency visa is a permit that gives you the right to live in any of the seven emirates. You can also bring your family via family visa Dubai.

The UAE has a number of different types of residency visas. They range from single entries to multiple entries. A few kinds of work grants are accessible.

To obtain a residence visa renewal Dubai, you must complete the application process through the relevant GDRFA in the emirate you plan to move to. You will have to go for a medical examination. In addition, you must pay for private health insurance. In addition, you need to have a valid passport and an Emirates ID.

Before you can obtain a visa, you will need to visit the embassy of the UAE in your country of residence. During this time, you will need to complete the necessary steps, including submitting a photo and a color photograph with a white background. If you fail to meet the requirements, you will be denied your visa.


5. Bring Your Family

With residence visa renewal Dubai you can also bring your family to Dubai. This is the biggest advantage of all time because everyone wants to live with his or her loved ones. In addition, to fulfill this desire, Dubai Resident Visa provides facilities for foreigners. Now you can also sponsor visa for your family, with straightforward terms and conditions.

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