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A Brief Guide to the Dubai Golden Visa Program


A Brief Guide to the Dubai Golden Visa Program

Foreign talent can live, work, or study in the UAE with the Golden visa, which offers long-term residents special benefits. Those who qualify for the Dubai Golden visa include business owners, scientists, students, and graduates. Who has excelled in their fields, as well as humanitarian pioneers and frontline heroes? In this blog, you will find the process to apply for the Golden Visa, its categories, requirements, and benefits. Let us continue:


The Different Categories of the Dubai Golden Visa Program

Those looking to work and live in Dubai can now apply golden visa UAE. There are different categories of people who can apply for Golden visas in Dubai. Among them are investors, business visionaries, and humanitarian pioneers. There is likewise a class for understudies.


1. Humanitarian Pioneers

The UAE has introduced a new initiative that aims to recognize humanitarian pioneers and provide long-term residence visas for these pioneers. The initiative aims at providing humanitarian workers with a haven in which to continue their work. While maintaining a high level of communication with global and local humanitarian organizations. This initiative is part of World Humanitarian Day, a day that commemorates the contributions and sacrifices made by humanitarian workers around the world.

Humanitarian pioneers in the UAE are eligible to apply for the Golden Visa. The government defines this category as those who have made significant contributions to the humanitarian and charitable sectors. To qualify for the program, students should be graduates of a reputable university. In addition, have a GPA of at least 3.8, and be members of humanitarian organizations or charitable associations. Volunteers who help humanitarian organizations can also qualify for the program.


2. Investors

Leading real estate developers are offering Golden Visas to investors who make a minimum investment of AED 2 million. These visas are highly sought after among Indian, British, Italian, French, and Canadian investors, though Pakistani and Egyptian investors have also taken advantage of the scheme. Today, Dubai ranks as the 23rd richest city in the world, with approximately 65,000 millionaires. The influx of foreign investors into the property sector will likely drive Dubai’s rise to the top twenty richest cities by 2030.

Once an investor has met Dubai golden visa requirements, he can apply. The minimum investment amount is AED 2 million, which is approximately $545,000 at present exchange rates. A program is a great option for real estate investors who plan to relocate or establish a second home in the country. Investors will typically get a return on their investment. But they may have to pay additional taxes and fees when they eventually sell their properties.


3. Business Visionaries

The Dubai Golden Visa Program provides long-term residency permits to individuals who meet the eligibility criteria. Applicants must have a degree from an accredited college or institution in the UAE and average a ninety-five percent grade in their last 12th standard. Successful applicants can receive a golden visa for ten years. The program is for business visionaries and entrepreneurs who want to work in the UAE or invest there.

This program allows business visionaries and investors to invest in UAE real estate. The visas can be extended to family members and executive directors, and spouses and children of the applicants. The UAE government also grants visas to students with high extracurricular records. By providing a favorable environment for business visionaries, this visa program aims to decrease the brain drain in the region.


4. Students

The UAE has launched a new visa program to attract global talent. The program includes a Golden Visa, a job exploration visa, and other long-term visa options. The new rules will further boost the UAE’s economy by attracting top talent from the region and beyond. To achieve its goal of being the world’s “brain port”, the UAE Cabinet recently amended its Golden Visa program to expand its scope to include more fields and simplify the eligibility requirements.

Students who have completed their studies in a recognized university in the UAE are eligible for a residency visa in the UAE. The program is open to students, professionals, and other foreign citizens with a proven track record of academic excellence. The program also allows the holders of Dubai Visit visas to sponsor their dependents.


5. Entrepreneurs

The Dubai Golden Visa program is the UAE Ministry of Economy approves a new visa that entrepreneurs can apply for once their start-up idea. It also allows family members of a golden residence holder to remain in the UAE after the entrepreneur’s death. The new visa is legitimate for a long time. Entrepreneurs must also have a minimum annual revenue of AED1 million to qualify for the program.

Entrepreneurs can apply for a visa if they have a registered startup in the UAE. Alternatively, if they are a partner in a small or medium enterprise in the country. It is also possible to apply if you are a co-founder of an entrepreneurial project that has achieved at least AED 7 million in annual revenue. This visa also allows entrepreneurs to bring their spouses, partners, children, and other members of their families to the UAE. The UAE Green visa is valid for up to five years and is automatically renewed upon expiry. Entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, and outstanding students are eligible to apply for the visa.


Applicants Can Sponsor Family Members

If you are a UAE national and wish to live in Dubai for at least five years, you can apply under the Golden Visa Program. The program is specifically designed for individuals who have exceptional talents and have contributed to the UAE’s development. These individuals are also given a high level of residency security.

The UAE Golden Visa program was introduced in 2019, allowing qualified expatriates to live and work in the country without the help of a national sponsor. This visa also allows individuals to operate up to 100 percent of their own business in one of the Free Zones. It has already received over 65,000 applications since its inception. Since then, it has expanded its eligibility criteria to include more professionals and property investors. It also allows individuals to sponsor their spouses and children.

The Emirates Scientists Council can recommend UAE Golden Visa applicants. To be eligible, applicants must possess a master’s degree or Ph.D. degree in a relevant field and have substantial research achievements. Applicants may also sponsor family members when applying for Dubai Golden Visa Program.


The Time Frame for the Application

Those who want to apply for a Golden visa Dubai can submit a letter of recommendation from their employer. A monthly salary certificate of at least AED 50,000, and personal account statements for six months. Moreover, they can also sponsor their spouse and children. They can also renew their visa if they are nearing the expiration date.

The UAE Golden Visa is a game changer and is set to further push the country as a business hub of the region. Moreover, it will have a positive impact on the Dubai real estate market, which has been on record-breaking momentum over the past year. The visa is open to businessmen, entrepreneurs, scientists, professionals, students, and other people with exceptional talent.

Applicants can apply for a residency visa if they have a bachelor’s degree, have substantial research achievements, and own a business. The program also offers a ten-year residency visa for highly qualified students who have studied at excellent universities.


Benefits of Golden Visa Dubai

The following are a few advantages of the Golden Visa UAE:

  • A multiple-entry entry visa valid for six months, followed by the granting of residency permits
  • A 10-year renewable long-term residence permit
  • Self-sponsored immigration
  • The freedom to leave the UAE at any time without having their visas revoked
  • Sponsoring all members of their family, including partners and kids, regardless of age
  • Unlimited sponsorship of domestic helpers
  • Enabling family members of the primary holder of the golden visa to remain in the UAE until the expiry of their permit.

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