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All You Need to Know About Legal Translation in UAE

All You Need to Know About Legal Translation in UAE

If you’re relocating to a foreign country that speaks a language different from your home country, you might run into certain legal issues that need to be taken care of. Like dealing with a language barrier problem with documents written in a language foreign to that of your current locality. If you’re relocating to Dubai and need to translate documents that have to do with legal issues, there are several certified legal translation in UAE services available to you.


Certified translators will be familiar with:

  • Legal terms and terminology
  • Know how to translation into other languages
  • Have specific experience working within the professional court and/or legal environments.
  • They’ll follow best practices for translating paperwork related to any aspect of international business law or legislation.


Cost of Legal Translation Services in Dubai


The cost for legal translation in the UAE is highly dependent on factors, like:

  • The document’s original language, and how quickly you need it. Usually, popular languages like English, French, and Spanish are cheaper to translate than languages like Farsi or Mandarin.
  • It also depends on the Document Type. Translating a business document is more complex than translating a simple lease agreement so you can expect to pay more for a complex translation job.


Legal Translation Dubai


Document translation for legal/official use can be tricky, especially for those who are new to the UAE.

Although the process is a lot clearer than it was before, getting legal translations can still pose a challenge.

As per the guidelines set by the Ministry of Justice, you must get the documents translated/issued outside of the UAE stamped at a local office of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA). MoFA only stamps translated documents attested to and stamped by the UAE Mission in the country where the documents came from. For some documents, MoFA may also accept translations attested/stamped by the Consulate or Embassy of the country it originated from.

When it comes to foreign documents that have been translated from languages such as German, French, Spanish or Italian into/Arabic, legal translations must be carried out by translators who are certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice.


Translation Company In Dubai


If you’re expanding your business abroad or relocating, you’ll deal with a lot of paperwork and documents written in other languages. Hence, the right translation service company will make a world of difference. Especially if there’s a significant cultural and linguistic difference between your country of origin and your target market.


Tips to select the best translation service in Dubai


Legal Translation Dubai need not be a hassle as it was a decade ago. With the rise of multiple legal translation services in Dubai, citizens and foreigners alike can now have documents written in a foreign language translated accurately. With a simple search such as; Legal Translation Services Near Me, in the UAE, a plethora of legal translation services will surface. How do you choose the right one?

Deciding on a legal translation company in Dubai is a crucial decision that should be based on 6 distinct traits to ensure high accuracy:


1. Expertise in Translating Legal Documents:

Not every translator has the knowledge to translate legal documents. Legal translation requires significant subject domain expertise. Make sure the agency you work with is well-versed in legal translation.


2. Certified Native Translators:

Native speakers will decipher the cultural nuances of an agreement/document in a way that’s not possible for non-natives.


3. Multi-Disciplinary Policy:

The best legal translation services in Dubai offer more than just document translation. The translation company will deliver you a document that’s ready to be sent to your business partners or submitted to government departments or local authorities.


4. Just Enough Automation:

Translating documents quickly has become easier over the years with the progression of advanced software and Ai technology. However, it is not feasible to leave such a legally-important task for a computer to run. Implied meanings and common trends in speech can land you in legal trouble. Therefore, the agency you partner with shouldn’t be depending on machine translation.


5. High Level of Confidentiality:

Legal documents are extremely delicate and also often include key business information that shouldn’t be revealed to competitors/the public. That’s why it’s very important to make sure that the agency you deal with is reliable and trustworthy.

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