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Can I Sponsor My Widowed Mother Visa in Dubai?

Can I Sponsor My Widowed Mother Visa in Dubai?

My mother recently lost her husband, and she is now living by herself in my native nation. I make less than Dh7000 a month in salary. Can I sponsor a Mother visa in Dubai here in any way? How else can I get her to stay here legally if I cannot get residency for her?

In response to such type of inquiries, assumed that you reside in Dubai and do not have siblings who can care for your mother there. In order to sponsor his or her parents, a person must make at least Dh20000 per year and live in at least a two-bedroom apartment. If you are also looking for parents visa UAE, then your wait is over. Because we are going to discuss the such type of detail in this blog. Let us move on:


Minimum Salary for Male Sponsors for Parents Visa Dubai

If you are an expatriate working in Dubai, then you can apply to sponsor a family with your wife or husband. However, in order to qualify for sponsorship, you must earn a minimum salary. The minimum salary required is Dh20000 per month or AED31000 for a man and AED19000 for a woman. You also need to have two bedrooms. You also need to have medical insurance policies for Parents Visa Dubai, and you have to pay a one-year deposit.

Earlier, you needed to have a job title that would allow you to sponsor your parents, but that was not the case anymore. You had to earn a certain amount of money to sponsor a family in Dubai. Regardless of what your profession is, you must have a salary that will meet the minimum salary requirements for Residence Visa for Parents in Dubai.

The FAIC has now clarified the requirements. If you make more than AED 4,000 per month, you can sponsor a family in Dubai. However, if you are not earning that much, you will need to submit some additional documents to the immigration authority. However, if you are earning AED 8,000 a month, you can sponsor a family in the UAE by applying for a special permit from the DNRD.

If you are a male resident of the mother visa in Dubai, you can sponsor a family of up to three people – your wife, daughters who are under the age of 18, and sons who are at least 18 years old. If you meet the requirements, your spouse and children can join you for a year or two. After approval, you will have 60 days to apply for your dependents’ residence visas.


Benefits of Sponsoring a Widowed Mother in Dubai

A female resident of the UAE can sponsor her family members in order to bring them to Dubai to live and work. For this purpose, the applicant must have a monthly income of at least 8,000 AED and a residence permit that lists her profession as a nurse, teacher, doctor, or engineer. Her spouse must also have a salary of at least 10,000 AED, or 8,000 AED + Accommodation, to be able to sponsor her family. Additional documents must also submit to the immigration authority.

In order to sponsor a widowed mother in Dubai, the woman must be a UAE citizen and employed. The sponsored individual must earn at least AED 4,000 a month and have at least one child in the UAE. Her husband or children can also be sponsored, but the spouse must have a valid residency permit.

Sponsoring a widowed mother visa in the UAE has several benefits, but the main one is that the wife or husband who is sponsoring the mother will not require staying in the UAE if the mother is a UAE citizen. However, this requirement does not apply to widows who are not married.

The law in the UAE has revised many visa procedures. The new Green Visa will allow sponsors to sponsor their children until they are 25 years old instead of 18. Formerly, the sponsorship of Parents Visa UAE was limited to sons, and there were strict conditions. This new law also extends the grace period for losing a job to 190 days instead of 30 days.


The Legality of Sponsoring a Widowed Mother

If you are a widow or a widower and wish for a mother visa in Dubai, you must know the legalities involved. First, you need to understand the requirements for sponsoring a widowed mother visa. A widow or a widower can get this visa, whose husband or wife died or passed away.

A widowed mother can sponsor her children for residency by sponsoring them. This visa can only be extended once. The UAE government implemented new immigration rules in October 2018 that allow a widowed mother to remain in the country without a sponsor for a year and her children.

The sponsor who is sponsoring parents in Dubai must apply for the visa by paying an affordable application fee. In order to apply for this visa, the mom must be legally separated or divorced. The UAE Embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must certify the divorce or separation certificate. In addition, she needs to provide proof that her house is not on rent. Lastly, she must be medically fit for the visa.


Points to Ponder

A spouse may not sponsor a widowed mother visa UAE. An expatriate resident can sponsor one or more daughters, as long as the spouse is Muslim. In order to sponsor more than one daughter, the sponsor needs to prove that he or she has a legitimate relationship with the woman. The sponsor must also have a valid no-objection certificate from the biological mother of each child. The visas are valid for a year and can be renewed. In addition, there may be additional documents required depending on the category of the sponsor.

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