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Child visa Dubai: How Can I Apply for Renewal?

Child visa Dubai: How Can I Apply for Renewal?

If your Child Visa Dubai and you want to renew your visa then you can apply for renewal if you meet certain requirements. To apply for renewal, you must have all the necessary documents. These include a valid passport for your child and your own. A health check-up for your child is also mandatory. Your child will also need a new residency visa. What is more? Let us have a look:


Medical Fitness Test

Medical fitness tests are an important part of the application process. This is required to ensure that the applicant is in good health and does not have any communicable diseases. The medical fitness test is necessary when applying for parents visa renewal Dubai or any type. The test is not necessary for children below the age of eighteen years. The report was sent electronically to the Immigration Department. The applicant sends an SMS confirming the report. They can then proceed to the Immigration Department to get their visa stamped. Not need the original medical certificate if the applicant is applying for a new family visa or employment visa, but must be presented in case the applicant is renewing an existing one.


Residence Identity Card

Once a Child Visa Dubai expires, you must apply for a renewal. Generally, you have 30 days to renew your visa. The renewal procedure is similar to that of a first-time resident visa. You will need to provide a valid UAE residence visa, an updated ID card from the ICA, and the original registration receipt for your child. You will likewise have to finish and sign the application structure.

If you are renewing your Emirates ID, you will have to pay a fee. The fee for this renewal is AED 100 for each year you need to renew your ID, which is usually two or three years. If you are renewing your ID online, you will have to pay an additional AED 70 for typing office services. If you choose to go to the office, you can pay an extra AED 150 for 24-hour fast-track service.



Before you go for the interview for Child Visa Renewal Dubai, you must remember some things. First, make sure you dress properly. Interviewers dislike applicants who dress sloppily and with no thought for their appearance. Dressing in formal clothes with minimal accessories is essential. You should wear minimal makeup and a faint perfume scent.

Second, do not show too much emotion during the interview. It can make you look insincere and inappropriate. Similarly, avoid gesturing and pointing fingers. In a visa interview, a person should be confident without letting his or her emotions get the best of him or her.



There are two ways to renew a Child Visa UAE online or in person. Both of them will only take a few minutes and will require original documents. To get a renewal, you need to present a child’s original identity card and original receipt from the ICA. You will also need to complete a form that can obtain online or from a registered typing office. Once you have completed the form, you must return it to the UAE within six months.

While the regulations for child visa renewal are relatively new, they will benefit residents who want to bring their kids to the UAE or extend the stay of their dependents beyond the age of eighteen. For example, you can now sponsor a son until the age of 25 years old, which is a big relief for parents who would otherwise have to send their children off to school or university and worry about them not being able to return home. In addition, you can apply for a residency permit for a child in Dubai who is disabled or has no parents.



If you are planning to visit the UAE with your child, it is essential to renew your child’s visa as soon as it expires. You have 30 days to do so after your child’s visa expires. A Child Visa Renewal Dubai requires you to meet certain requirements. For instance, you need to present a valid residence visa in the UAE, an updated identity card from the ICA, and an original registration receipt. In addition, you need to ensure that both the child and the sponsoring parent sign the application.


When you apply for a residence permit for your child, you must provide proof of your income and your child’s relationship to you. If you are a single parent, you must provide your child with a place to stay. Besides, the residency permit you apply for should be valid for the same period as the residency permit that you have for yourself. An attested tenancy contract, a salary certificate, and a document showing the parent-child relationship must also accompany the residency permit you apply for.

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