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Child Visa UAE: All About Renewal Process

Child Visa UAE: All About Renewal Process

If you are already in Dubai with your child and need to know the requirements of Child Visa Renewal Dubai. Then you are in the right place. The process will involve renewing both the parent’s and child’s visas. In addition to the passport, a health check is required for the child. You will also need a new residency visa for your child. All of these required a detailed process. So, in this blog, we are going to share the process of renewing a child visa UAE. Let us move on:


Requirements for Renewing a Child Visa in Dubai

You may have heard that you need to renew your visa as soon as it expires. Fortunately, the process is similar to that of obtaining a fresh visa. The same documents must be presented as with a fresh application, and the fees are the same.

In order to renew the Child Visa Dubai, you will need to provide certain documents. You will need to have the child’s birth certificate, a residence visa, and a valid insurance policy. You will also need to provide proof that your financial situation is suitable for a child. In addition, you will need to renew your child’s identity card.

First, you will need to be certain your child is under the age of 18. If they are under 18, their visa application will be denied. Additionally, they need to provide a birth certificate attested by the UAE Embassy or Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They also need a signed No Objection Certificate from the child’s father, which must be in Arabic.


Requirements for Renewing a Residence Visa for a Family Member In Dubai

When it comes to renewing a residence visa for your Child in Dubai, the same requirements apply as with a new visa. The residence visa should renew at least 30 days before it expires. Generally, a residence visa is valid for two years. Finally, you will need to submit a new health check.

If you are an employer and your family member is dependent, the process will be a little more complicated than for an individual. You must first make sure that the person in question is eligible to reside in Dubai. Then, he or she needs to have a sponsor in the private or governmental sector. Also, the sponsor must be willing to provide the family member with a residence visa.

Then, if your family member is a UAE resident, the sponsoring spouse or children should have an income of at least AED 10,000. The sponsoring spouse must work in a field with “high-paying,” such as teaching, medicine, or engineering. As for the sponsorship of stepchildren, the sponsorship process can be somewhat similar to applying for a residence visa.


Requirements for Renewing An Entry Permit

Renewing an entry permit for a child visa UAE is a quick and easy process. All you need is your child’s original identity card and ICA receipt. You can obtain the necessary forms online or at a registered typing office. Note that if your child has been outside the UAE for six months or more, he or she will need a new residence permit.

The procedure for renewing a residency permit for a child in Dubai is the same as for Parents Visa Renewal Dubai. The child’s residency permit must be for the same period as the parent’s permit. The parents must also provide a place for the child to live. To prove that you can provide a suitable home for your child, submit an attested tenancy contract and a salary certificate. Also, provide a document proving that the child and parents are related.

Once the residency permit for a child expires, it is important for the parent to renew the permit before the child reaches his or her 18th birthday. It is advisable to check the expiration date online so that you can renew the entry permit in time. If you fail to do this, you will have to pay a fine of AED 250 or Dh25 for each day the child is in the UAE without a sponsor.


Refundable Deposit for First-Degree Relatives

If you are visiting Dubai for a long period, you may want to consider a refundable deposit when renewing your Child Visa UAE. The amount of this deposit is 1020 AED for first-degree relatives and 2020 AED for second-degree relatives. This amount is refundable if the visitor leaves the country within 30 days. However, if the visitor’s status changes, the money will not be refunded.


You will be required to present your financial records to support your claim. This can include income tax returns from the last two years and Fixed Deposit receipts. If you are applying for a spouse or child visa, you will need to show that you have a handsome amount of income. However, if you have an elderly parent, you may also be able to invite them to the UAE. If you are a female, you must submit a letter of invitation from her parents, as well as a photo ID of both parents.

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