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Cost of starting a business setup in Dubai Mainland

Cost of starting a business setup in Dubai Mainland

Dubai, one of several emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE) creates a lot of opportunities for businesses to thrive and has an investor-friendly environment that is welcoming for entrepreneurs worldwide. It’s undoubtedly an ideal destination to start a business. There are two types of business setup in Dubai; The Free zone and the Mainland.

Both options offer their own set of benefits. You can choose the option that fits your business requirements.


Business Setup in Dubai

Setting up a business in Dubai Mainland offers a wide range of benefits. You can set it up anywhere in the UAE and enjoy free trading.

With the new regulations, expats can now also enjoy 100% ownership with mainland business setup in Dubai just like the freezone.


Cost of Business Setup in Dubai

Below are the major costs you’ll need to take care of when forming a company in Dubai Mainland:


Registration and Licensing

The registration and licensing fee depend on the company structure and the number of shareholders. It also depends on the visa applications you plan to process.

The licensing fee for Mainland New Company Setup usually starts at AED 10,000 while the registration fee is priced at AED 3000.


Visa Cost

The cost for a visa in the mainland starts from around AED 6500.



Rented or owned, a physical or a virtual workspace is required for all licensed and legally recognized businesses even if the services rendered are digital-based services.

Below is the list of some more expenses you’ll need to take care of:


1. Initial approval is required from the Department of Economic Development (DED)

A one-time cost of AED 235


2. Trade name approval cost

A one-time cost of AED 735


3. Attestation of MOA (Memorandum of Association)

A one-time cost of AED 1200. This should be drawn up and also approved by each partner of the company.


4. Contract drafting and attestation of court agreement

A one-time cost of AED 500 for typing. This should be signed by all the partners of the company or their attorneys can sign it on their behalf too.


5. Market Fees

This is to be paid to the government as a percentage of the office rent. It’s 5% of the rent for shops and 20% of the rent for warehouses.


6. UAE Local Sponsorship Fee

This fee varies depending on the nature of your business. The average cost for UAE Local Sponsorship ranges between AED 10,000 to AED 25,000. The cost can further increase if yours is a contracting or a real-estate business.


Why set up a company in Dubai Mainland?

Below are the benefits to register company in UAE Mainland:

  • It offers you the freedom to do business anywhere in Dubai and the UAE.
  • Easily penetrate foreign markets.
  • Grow your team with the option of unlimited visas
  • Smoother and less-restrictive administrative processes.
  • Freedom to take on government projects.
  • No minimum capital requirement and no need to pay corporate tax
  • Choose to set up an office anywhere in the UAE


Business Set up Company in Dubai

Setting up a company in a foreign country can be challenging, but in a city like Dubai, it doesn’t need to be so. Corporate Service Provider Dubai can help you set up a business in as little time as 3 weeks.

Below are the areas a business setup company in Dubai can help you with:

  • Deciding on the right kind of business setup: Freezone, Mainland or Offshore
  • Helping you at each step of the registration and licensing process.
  • They will also help you liaise with the government departments for all the necessary approvals required.
  • A competent business consultancy will also help you with the visa processing of all the employees and their dependents.
  • They will also assist you with all the attestation and document translation requirements.
  • Finding the right office space solution for your company

Reputable business setup company in Dubai like Docman can help you at each step of your business setup journey in Dubai.

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