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Dubai Golden Visa: Fees, Requirements, and Benefits

Dubai Golden Visa: Fees, Requirements, and Benefits

The Dubai Golden visa is a residency visa program that was introduced by the Dubai government in 2013. The main purpose of this program is to attract foreign investors and entrepreneurs to invest in Dubai. There are various categories under which you can apply for a Golden Visa, and each comes with its own set of requirements and benefits.

In this blog post, we will discuss all the different aspects of the Dubai Golden Visa program in detail. I will cover the categories of the UAE Golden Visa in detail. We will also cover the fees, requirements, and other benefits associated with it. So if you are interested in obtaining a Golden Visa for Dubai, then keep reading.


Prominent Features of Golden Visa Dubai

For those looking to experience the best that Dubai has to offer, the Golden Visa is an excellent opportunity. Golden Visa Dubai offers several features that make it attractive to foreign investors. These include:

  • This visa offers well-rounded benefits, allowing those eligible to reside in the beautiful emirate long-term and access its robust economy, innovative infrastructure, and luxurious lifestyle.
  • In addition, the golden visa offers more than just residency.
  • It also provides citizens with access to international markets for investment, business ownership rights, and job opportunities as well as much more.
  • With its expansive range of advantages, this visa is a great way for individuals to experience Dubai’s renowned hospitality and safe environment while maximizing their growth potential.
  • The visa can be used to gain access to the UAE and other GCC countries.
  • It allows for hassle-free movement in and out of Dubai.
  • It also provides several additional benefits, such as full medical coverage, and tax exemptions.
  • It also offers a host of business opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to invest in Dubai.


Categories of Golden Visa Dubai

Dubai Golden Visa has been becoming increasingly popular as a great way to gain access to the luxurious and ambitious city of Dubai. Several categories of Golden Visas that you can apply for. Each category is carefully checked depending on your financial means, background, and personal ambitions.

First, there is the Investors Visa; which allows you to live in the UAE. While having an investment in a local firm or establishment such as real estate investments like ski chalets or villas.

The next category is the Entrepreneur Visa which permits those with great business ideas to apply for visas under strict requirements. Such as five or more employees with at least 50% of them being locals and having legal documents supporting their proposed business venture in the country.

Last but not least, Professional Visa is specifically for talented professionals looking to work in the UAE’s vibrant economy. These applicants must have a valid university degree or be proficient in an intermediate spoken language. Knowing the categories of Golden Visas and their requirements will help closely map out your plan for a successful long-term stay within Dubai.


Fees of Dubai Golden Visa

The fees for the Golden Visa vary depending on the category of visa applied for. The investor visa has a fee of AED 50,000. The entrepreneur visa is AED 30,000, and the family reunion visa is AED 5,000. Other categories such as student and medical treatment visas have lower fees.


Requirements of Dubai Golden Visa

To apply, you must meet Dubai golden visa requirements. You must have a valid passport and all the necessary documents to support your application. You must also provide evidence of your investment or employment in Dubai. In addition, you must also submit several other documents such as financial statements, job contracts, reference letters, and more.


Benefits of Dubai Golden Visa

The main benefit of the Golden Visa is that it allows you to live and work in Dubai for a certain period. You will also be able to travel within the UAE with ease. In addition, you may be eligible for various tax benefits depending on the type of visa applied for. Other benefits include access to excellent healthcare, education for your children, and more.


The Golden Visa is an excellent way to gain residency in the UAE. It offers many benefits such as access to excellent healthcare and education, tax benefits, and the opportunity to live and work in Dubai. The fees, requirements, and other details of the visa vary depending on the category you apply for. It is important to ensure that you meet all the requirements before applying.  With this information in hand, you will be ready to make an informed decision about apply golden visa UAE.

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