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Family in Dubai: How Can I Sponsor a Family Visa?

Sponsor a Family Visa in Dubai

Sponsoring a family visa Dubai is now possible with new terms and conditions announced by the UAE government.  There are various conditions you must meet when applying for a family visa in Dubai. You must have a sponsoring parent who is a single mother. You must be at least 18 years of age to sponsor a son. If your son is still a student, he can be sponsored until he reaches the age of 21. You can renew this visa every six months. You can also Family Visa Renewal Dubai yearly until you complete your studies. Here are important points to consider:


  • In some circumstances that have been authorized by the ICP, a mother may sponsor her kids.
  • After dependents, enter the UAE with entry permission, the resident sponsor needs 60 days to apply for their residence on a UAE Family visa.
  • Regardless of the length of the sponsor’s visa, a person can sponsor his parent, and the residence visa will be issued on an annual basis.
  • No longer is the type of profession a requirement for an expatriate worker to sponsor his family’s visas.
  • A residency visa will not be issued to those who are medically unfit.
  • A one-year “Health Fitness Certificate for Residence” is issued to residents who have been diagnosed with dormant or inactive pulmonary tuberculosis, subject to treatment & follow-up by the Dept. of Medicine or an equivalent government health body.


Sponsoring Your Spouse and Kids

If an expatriate resident meets, the sponsorship criteria listed above, he may sponsor the residence permit for his wife and children.


1. Supporting Two Spouses

If a Muslim resident complies with the requirements specified by the relevant GDRFA, he may be permitted to sponsor his two wives.


2. Sponsoring For Daughters

A resident who is from abroad can only sponsor his daughter(s) if they are unmarried.


3. Sponsoring Sons

Only residents under the age of 18 may sponsor their sons. The kid may be sponsored until the age of 21 if he is enrolled in school, whether it is in the UAE or elsewhere, after the age of 18. He must enter the UAE at least every six months in order to UAE family visa renewal. The residency permit is issued on an annual basis and is extendable until the student completes his studies.


4. Sponsoring Stepchildren

Subject to the GDRFA’s requirements, consisting of a deposit for each child and a signed no-objection letter from the biological parent, an expatriate resident may also sponsor his stepchildren. Their visas for permanent residency are yearly renewed and valid for one year.


What Are The Requirements To Sponsor A Family Visa In Dubai?


There are different requirements for family residency visas in Dubai. One requirement is a medical examination of both the husband and wife. Another requirement is medical insurance coverage. The sponsor of the family member needs to enter the country within 60 days. This visa also requires the sponsor to modify the family member’s status from an entry permit holder to a resident visa holder.

The family resident visa in Dubai allows UAE citizens and residents to sponsor family members. These visas are valid for three years and can be renewed. It is possible to study in Dubai with this visa. Applicants must register with the Ministry of Education in Dubai. If the male applicant is an expatriate, he must have a non-domestic help profession or earn at least AED 4,000 a month plus accommodation.


What Are The Requirements For Renewing A Family Visa?


If you want to renew your Family Visa Renewal Dubai, you need to meet certain requirements. However, the requirements are the same as for first-time sponsoring.  The process includes filling out an online form and submitting the necessary documents. You can also visit an office or a typing center to renew your visa. Afterward, you will be asked to pay for the renewal.

Once you have fulfilled these requirements, you can renew your family visa in Dubai. It can take up to two weeks, but you will have at least six months to complete the process. Moreover, your dependent family members are entitled to a grace period of 30 days. To avoid any complications, you can apply online. Alternatively, you can also visit your nearest GDRFA office to renew your family visa. Depending on the length of your family visa Dubai, you will need to renew it before it expires.


Terms and Conditions


If you have children or plan to bring your children to the UAE in the future, you will need to renew the visa for the whole family. The Dubai family visa renewal process is similar to applying for a new residence visa. The only difference is the duration of the visa. The UAE family visa is valid for one, two, or three years.

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