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Family Visa UAE Guide | How to Bring Your Parents Over and More

Family Visa UAE Guide How to Bring Your Parents Over and More

Every year countless foreigners move to live in the Family Visa UAE Guide. Due to its ever-changing landscape that spells progress and modernity and–lest we forget–the high tax-free salaries, everyone looks to the UAE as a playground for grown-ups.

But living in a constantly moving and innovative country on your own can sometimes become quite lonely. You often get homesick and wish you could bring your parents to live with you.

The good news is that you can bring your parents to the UAE on a parents residence visa Dubai. Keep on reading to know about the family visa UAE and check if you are eligible to apply.


What are the eligibility criteria to sponsor parents?


As an expatriate employee working in the UAE, you can apply for a family visa for UAE as long as you meet a couple of requirements, which are listed below:

  • As a UAE Resident, you can sponsor your parents and parents-in-law’s UAE Residence Visa.
  • One thing to note is that you can only sponsor them together unless your parents are divorced, or one of them is no longer alive.
  • Another requirement is that you should be living in a residence with a minimum of two bedrooms with the tenancy contract under your name.
  • The primary condition is that to apply for the parents visa Dubai, you must also have a minimum salary of at least AED 20,000 per month or AED 19,000 per month + a 2-bedroom accommodation.
  • As a sponsor, you must also prove that you are their only support and that your parents don’t have anyone else to take care of them.
  • You must pay a refundable security deposit for each parent.
  • Purchase medical insurance for each of your parents.
  • There’s no specific requirement regarding the profession of the sponsor. You can apply for the parent’s residence visa as long as you meet the minimum salary requirement.


How to Bring Your Parents to UAE


UAE Parents Visa falls under the category of Family Visa UAE Guide.

You’ll first need to apply for an entry permit for your parents. You must then complete the whole parent’s visa process within 60 days from the date of their entry.

To apply for a parent’s visa, you must submit an application form and the required documents at a typing center. The documents will include your bank statements, salary slips, passport copy, ID copy, and additional documents regarding your parents.

You must submit this application form along with the processing fees. You will then get a message to pay a security deposit before you can finally receive the parent’s visa. Remember, they must also undergo a medical exam and apply for Emirates ID.


Validity of the Family Visa UAE


Many misconceptions are going around that the visa validity of someone being sponsored is the same as the person sponsoring them. In reality, this is not the case with the parent’s visa.

If you’re applying for the parents visa Dubai, your parents will only receive a residence permit with a validity of one year. You’ll have to apply for a family visa renewal Dubai whenever your visa is going to expire.

Besides the one-year validity of the parents residence visa Dubai, it also has a time limit attached to the visa validity of the sponsor. If for any reason, the sponsor loses his visa or it expires, the dependents will also have to leave the country. This is not the case for golden visa holders.


Cost to Bring Parents to UAE


Below is the complete breakdown of all the costs involved while applying for a UAE Residence Visa for your parents:

  • Typing Center Application Fee – AED 440
  • Deposit Fee (refundable upon visa cancellation – AED 5000
  • Medical Fitness Test Fee – AED 322
  • Visa Stamping Fee on Passport – AED 365
  • Emirates ID Application Fee – AED 140 AED


Documents Required


Below are the documents you would need to apply for parents visa:

  1. Passport copies and photos of parents
  2. Medical Clearance Certificate
  3. Parents’ Medical Insurance Card
  4. Sponsor’s Emirates ID
  5. Sponsor’s passport
  6. Sponsor’s IBAN (Bank Statement)
  7. Ejari Electricity Certificate or Tenancy Contract
  8. Salary Certificate or Labour Agreement

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