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Green Visa Dubai Requirements in 2023

Green Visa Dubai Requirements in 2023

The Green visa Dubai is an initiative taken by the country to attract global talents, entrepreneurs, and investors to the UAE. This five-year visa will provide a better chance for foreign nationals to live in the UAE. Moreover, it will also help boost the economy. To be eligible, one must meet certain requirements.

One of the main features of the new Green Visa is its flexibility. The holder of a Green visa UAE apply online to stay in the UAE for up to six months after the visa has expired. It is also a self-sponsored visa. However, it requires the holder to obtain approval from the local authorities.

The Green visa UAE is a new resident category that is part of the Projects of the 50. These initiatives are part of the UAE’s plan to boost the country’s economic competitiveness. For instance, it aims to attract $150 billion in foreign direct investment over the next nine years.


Categories For Green Visa Dubai:


1. Green Visa Dubai for Investors or Partners

Aside from the green visa, the UAE also offers various other visas. Among them is the Investor Visa. With this visa, individuals are allowed to become partners in a business. The applicant must show that they have invested at least 1 million AED.

2. Green Visa For Skilled Employees

To qualify for the new green visa, a person must meet certain criteria. Those who are interested in applying for the new visa must possess at least a bachelor’s degree from a recognized educational institution. Moreover, they must have at least a salary of at least Dh15000. Applicants must also demonstrate that they have financial stability throughout their stay in the UAE.

3. Skilled Persons or Freelancers

The Freelancer Visa is another category that allows skilled people to enter the UAE. Among other requirements, the holder must be able to prove that they are talented, experienced, and have a high level of skills. Besides this, they must also submit proof of investment and employment.


Additional Perks with Reasons for Popularity

Expatriates will also be allowed to sponsor their spouses and children. Expatriates will be able to sponsor their children up to the age of 25. The visas will target the specialized, professional, and young population of the country.

Considering the changes made, Green Visa Dubai is a great way to attract and retain the skilled and specialized workforce of the country. Furthermore, it is an ideal place for investment, education, and business.

The newly launched five-year green visa will not only increase the chances of a prosperous future in the UAE, but it will also help ease the living conditions of foreign nationals in the country. Moreover, it will help promote a sense of stability among residents.

As the United Arab Emirates celebrates its 50th anniversary, it is now also implementing a series of initiatives to attract people from all over the world. It is also introducing various new visas to improve its entry and residency procedures.

Compared to other countries, the UAE is a great place for business, education, and investment. It has been consistently re-regulating its visa issuance and entry regulations.


Latest Perks for Family Members

Recent information indicates that the grace period for UAE green visa holders and their families to leave the UAE following the cancellation of a residency visa has been increased to six months. Expats now have a 6-month window in which to depart the country, change their status, and apply for a new residence visa. There are no fees or fines during the grace period. The dependents, however, may be required to pay an overstay fine if the green visa holder neglects to renew or cancel the visa of his dependents.

In addition, there is no maximum age for daughters who are not married. In addition, the age of children also increased from 18 to 25 years old. No matter their age, kids of determination get a residency permit.

The Green Residence holder’s first-degree relatives can join them. But they must always stay for the same length of time as the original residential holder. Almost the same requirements are for Golden visa Dubai.


Who Can Obtain a Green Visa in UAE?

The UAE Green Visa introduces to make it easier for people who want to work and live in the UAE. Investors, top students, entrepreneurs, highly skilled individuals, and recent graduates to expand their self-residency status.

Independent contractors have another reason to perform in the UAE. Thanks to federal visas for independent workers. The freelancer visa is open to applications from independent contractors working in the UAE and abroad in fields like artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and virtual currencies.

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