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How Do I Get a Work Visa in Dubai?

How Do I Get a Work Visa in Dubai?

At present, Dubai has become the center of attention of the world, especially since the Expo. People are coming to Dubai to find employment. Because the employment opportunities here are more than in other countries. If you are looking for a work visa in Dubai then surely you will be able to get it. Because in this blog, we will tell about systematic processes, requirements, and eligibility. So read the blog until the end. So let us begin.


Brief Overview of Requirements

Before applying for a work permit UAE, you must meet certain requirements. These requirements vary depending on the country you are from, and the job that you are applying for. The visa is generally valid for one year, two years, or three years. The employer, who must pass a background check before issuing a visa, issues the visa.


Medical Requirements for a Work Visa in Dubai

To get a work visa in Dubai, applicants must undergo a medical checkup. A variety of different medical requirements for obtaining a work permit in UAE, depending on what your job entails. The requirements are different for every occupation and require a thorough physical examination. For example, certain occupations in Dubai require a negative blood test for hepatitis b and syphilis. If you have any of these diseases, you must leave the UAE and seek employment elsewhere.

A foreign employee who is sponsored by an employer can obtain a work visa in Dubai. These visas are valid for up to two months and require the employer to obtain proof of business registration. The UAE government normally takes up to five business days to process work permit applications.


Cost of a Work Visa in Dubai

The cost of a UAE work visa varies from company to company. In general, a company with four to ten employees will pay more than one with fewer employees. The reason for the difference in cost is that hiring a skilled worker requires more training and skills than hiring an unskilled worker. To obtain a work visa in Dubai, you must be a resident of the UAE. Once you land in Dubai, apply for a residence visa, and then apply for a work permit.

The UAE is an oil-rich country with a growing economy. Its immigration rules protect employers and workers alike. In order to be eligible for a work visa, you must be at least 18 years old, have a Bachelor’s degree or other relevant educational qualification, and have at least two years of relevant experience in the field you wish to work in. You will also need a valid business license and a job offer from a local employer.


Time It Takes To Get A Work Visa In Dubai

The time it takes to get an employment visa Dubai varies depending on the type of visa you are applying for. A visit visa can take four to five working days, while a business visa can take up to fifteen days. There are six different phases of the process.

  • Initially, the employer must fill out an application form and pay the required fee.
  • Once the application is submitted and approved, the Ministry of Human Resources in Dubai will review your documents.
  • After approval, you will receive an Entry Permit.
  • Once issued, you will need to travel to Dubai to complete the rest of the process. This will include medical testing and other formalities.

If you are an international skilled worker, you will need to obtain a work permit before you can begin work. In order to obtain this visa, you must be able to show proof of employment in the UAE. Depending on the country, you are from and the type of passport you have, processing times can range from a few days to several weeks. For certain occupations, you will also need an LMIA (Locum Manpower Information Assessment) document. This document will prove that a company has a high demand for foreign workers and that are not enough local workers to fill the position.


Requirements to Apply For a Work Visa in Dubai

Before, you can apply for a work permit in the UAE; you must obtain an entry and residence visa first. You will likewise require an Emirate ID card. The UAE has several categories of work visas, and the qualifications for each are specific to the type of occupation. For example, skilled workers must have a Bachelor’s degree while unskilled workers must have a Trade Qualification. Furthermore, they must have at least two years of relevant experience in their field of study. They also must have a valid business license and a job offer from an employer.

The UAE is a multi-cultural city that attracts ex-pats from around the world. The city’s workforce is comprised of more than 200 nationalities, making it an incredible place to work. In order to obtain a Dubai employment visa, you need to have a college degree or trade qualification and be at least 18 years old. You can sponsor family members too.

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