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How to Apply for a UAE Golden Visa?

How to Apply for a UAE Golden Visa?

Whether you live in the UAE or not, you would’ve undoubtedly heard about the UAE golden visa. Some foreigners in the UAE may refer to it as the golden visa Dubai.

Despite the name, this visa will allow you to reside anywhere in the UAE. You can choose to apply for this visa on your own. Alternatively, you can use professional Dubai visa services to do it for you. Here is all you need to know about the golden visa:


What is the UAE Golden Visa


It’s a long-term residency program. This visa allows talented individuals or investors to live, work, study, or run a business in the UAE. The golden visa differs from the regular residence visa in that the former has a validity of ten years.

As a holder of the UAE golden visa, you are eligible to sponsor your family to stay with you. You can also sponsor an unlimited number of domestic helpers. When the primary golden visa holder dies, their family can continue to stay until the end of their permit.


UAE Golden Visa Price and Insurance


The UAE golden visa price largely depends upon your visa category. If you’re applying from within the UAE, this visa can cost anywhere between AED 2,800 and AED 3,800. However, if you’re applying from abroad, the golden visa can cost anywhere between AED 3,800 and AED 4,800.

If you’d like to get insurance along with your visa, you can choose from a couple of different packages. These range from about AED 2,400 to AED 39,900 and provide coverage ranging from AED 300,000 to AED 20 million.


UAE Golden Visa Eligibility


To be eligible to apply Golden Visa UAE, you have to meet any of the following criteria:


  • Real estate investors who bought properties valued at no less than AED 2 million
  • Start-up owners who have an approved start-up from the Ministry of Economy
  • Entrepreneurs who are generating at least AED 1 million in sales
  • Business owners who sold their business for at least AED 7 million
  • Innovators or artists in culture, art, sports, and digital technology
  • Frontline workers who helped during crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic
  • High-skilled workers or professionals with a salary of no less than AED 30,000
  • Overachieving students with grades no less than 95% or a GPA no less than 3.75


How to Apply for Golden Visa UAE


To apply for the golden visa from inside the UAE, you need to perform the following steps:


  • Go to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA)
  • Click ‘Golden Visa’ from the sidebar under the heading ‘Services’
  • Select your status (e.g., High School Students, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, and more)
  • Click ‘Start Service’
  • Select the bucket that mentions ‘Nomination Request’
  • Click ‘Start Service’
  • Complete your application by providing all the requested details
  • Upload all the requested documents
  • Pay the application fees
  • Submit the completed application

If you’re applying from outside the UAE, you will first receive a six-month visa. This short-term visa will allow you to enter the country to find opportunities to settle. This application costs AED 1,150 and is a multi-entry visa. Once you’re in the UAE, convert this temporary visa into a residency permit. Finally, apply for a golden visa.


UAE Golden Visa Rejection


Upon submission, it can take up to 30 days to determine if your application was accepted or rejected. You can also always follow up on your application status. Do this by contacting the ICA through phone or email.

If your application was rejected, you could re-apply for the golden visa after a 90-day period. Professional Dubai visa services, such as Docman, can also help you with your application. This can give you the best possible chance of getting your application accepted.

The term ‘Golden Visa’ may seem hard to attain. However, thousands of foreigners have achieved this. As long as you meet the criteria for eligibility, you have a shot at being approved for the golden visa. If your application gets rejected, know that countless people are also applying with you.

Don’t lose hope. You should re-apply until you successfully receive your well-earned UAE golden visa.

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