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How to Convert Your Visit Visa to Residence Visa in UAE?

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If you have come to Dubai for a visit and during that time, you have managed to get a job, then you will definitely need a residence visa. Getting a job can be good and happy news. However, if you are still on a visit visa then you need to convert your visit visa to a residence visa. Therefore, there is a completely legal procedure that you have to follow. But first, you need to have complete knowledge about Visit visas and Residence visas and differentiate between them. Therefore, in today’s blog, we will discuss these points and tell you how to convert Visit Visa to a residence visa in UAE. So let us move on.


Visit Visa UAE


An entry permit for tourists known as a visit visa enables visitors from other countries to legally reside in the UAE for a predetermined amount of time. Visit visas can only be obtained for periods of 30 or 90 days. An airline, hotel, or travel agency with its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates must sponsor both a hardcopy and a softcopy of the visit visa.


Residence Visa


Once a foreigner enters the country, a residency visa is given to them. A sponsoring organization must meet the requirements of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) to be qualified to sponsor an individual for a residence visa services Dubai, such as an employer, firm, or spouse. For a resident visa to be given, the applicant must prove their medical fitness by passing a battery of tests and making it through a security inspection.

Depending on the type and sponsor, the resident visa’s maximum stay period may range from one to three years. After the resident visa has been granted, the passport will receive a stamp. This makes it simple for the person to leave the UAE if necessary while he is a resident.  But Remember one thing: The resident visa will be automatically revoked if the holder spends more than six months outside of the United Arab Emirates…!


Difference between Visit Visa and Residence Visa


Whilst the Federal Authority issues both visas for Identity, Customs, Citizenship, & Ports Security, they have distinct purposes. The Visit visa allows the holder to stay in the UAE for one or three months but does not allow them to work. Anyone who works while on a visit visa will face penalties under UAE law. The UAE Residence Visa is long-term that allows the bearer to stay for one to three years, depending on the kind of visa.

You can then convert your visit visa into a residence visa without leaving the UAE. The visa can be renewable an unlimited number of times. Residence Visa has many benefits including applying for a driving license, getting health insurance, and access to government health facilities. In addition, holders can open a bank account, and enroll children in schools.


Requirements or Eligibility for a UAE Resident Visa


If you want to apply for a residence visa in the UAE, you must meet one of the following conditions:

  • You want to work for a government or commercial company in the UAE
  • Your education will be completed in a UAE-based educational center
  • Dependent on a UAE resident or ex-pat (wife, kid, parent, or maid)
  • Made a financial commitment
  • Bought property in the UAE


Required Documents For Residence Visa…!


  • visit visa UAE
  • Medical test certificate
  • Original passport
  • UAE Visa Application Form
  • Proof of legal residency / UAE citizenship for the sponsor
  • Color passport images with white background
  • Work contract or copies of the company’s valid trade license if the residency visa is just for employment purposes
  • Include proof of relationships, such as a certified marriage certificate/ birth certificate, if a residency visa is for the family




  • Apply for a visit visa UAE
  • In the UAE Government’s immigration system, a new UID will be created
  • Travel to the UAE with a valid Visit visa
  • The following information will be added to the Visit Visa file: After entering UAE, the record under your UID will be labeled as used
  • Apply for a residence permit: This must be done before your visit visa’s grace period expires, or you will be penalized for overstaying. If you have found work, your employer or company, who will act as your sponsor, must complete this procedure. If you intend to stay with your spouse, he should serve as your sponsor as well as apply for a Parents Residence Visa Dubai
  • Processing new residence visa: A new residence visa file will be generated under your UID, and your status will be transformed from visitor to residence. The applicant does not have to leave the country to change his or her status
  • To prove their fitness, all residence visa candidates must pass a medical followed by a security check
  • Emirates ID will be processed
  • A new residence visa Dubai will be issued


All these processes might be hectic or tiresome for newcomers. However, do not worry about it. Because many Dubai firms offer Visa processing services. Docman is also one of them. You can simply call or visit for further assistance.

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