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How to Sponsor a Maid/Nanny visa in Dubai?

Sponsor a Maid/Nanny in Dubai

Looking to hire a Nanny visa in Dubai but don’t know where to start? No need to look any further.

In this blog post, we have shared all the vital information regarding maid visas and maid visa renewal in Dubai.

Know all the rules when sponsoring a Maid/Nanny in Dubai

Maid services in Dubai are categorized as domestic help and are fully governed by the UAE Domestic Law. This means that you are liable to adhere to all the rules set by the UAE government when hiring maids in the UAE.

To help you stay away from all sorts of legal troubles, we have shared below some major rules you must know when hiring a maid/nanny in Dubai:

  • The age of the maid you wish to hire must be over 18.
  • You cannot hire a maid from countries other than India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and Indonesia.
  • There’s a minimum wage set for maids in Dubai. However, you can pay more than the minimum wage as well, if you wish.


Minimum Wages depending upon nationality:

India: 1100 AED per month

Bangladesh: 750 AED per month

Sri Lanka: 825 AED per month

Philippines: 1400 AED per month (should be over 30 years of age and not be above 60 years of age).

Indonesia: 800 AED per month

  • Maids Visa Dubai sponsors are responsible for their maid’s visa costs. Therefore, you should not, in any case, ask your maid to cover the expense of the visa.
  • You must also provide your maid with a health card. This will cost around AED 3,000 annually.
  • Sponsors are also responsible for their maid’s accommodation and transportation.
  • Sponsors must provide them with a round-trip ticket to their home country at the end of their contract.
  • The sponsor is also liable to provide the maid with decent meals.
  • Finally, Maids Visa UAE sponsors must provide their maids with a health insurance policy as well that covers at least AED 30,000 in medical expenses. Remember that failure to do so will result in a fine of AED 10,000.


What are the eligibility criteria?

The eligibility criteria are pretty straightforward.

  • Only the head of the family can sponsor a Nanny visa in Dubai.
  • Bachelors cannot sponsor a maid in the UAE.
  • The sponsor must be earning a minimum salary of AED 6000/month or AED 5000/month in addition to accommodation
  • Only UAE citizens and residents (those with UAE Residency Visa) can sponsor maids.


Cost to sponsor a maid in the UAE

In addition to the maid’s salary and living expenses, below is the additional maid visa cost Dubai you should take note of:

  • A refundable deposit of AED 2000 (Returned to you once the maid leaves the country).
  • Typing center fee: AED 218
  • Annual Fees: AED 5520 – paid to UAE immigration
  • Medical insurance for your maid, starting at AED 700 per annum.


Documents required

Here are a few documents you will need to sponsor a maid/Nanny visa in Dubai. There may be more, but these should cover all eventualities.

  1. Visa application form (Typed via an authorized typing office).
  2. Copy of passport and visa (for the sponsor and the maid).
  3. An affidavit from the embassy or the consulate proving your non-relationship with the maid, if the maid is from the same country as yours.
  4. Three months’ worth of bank statements from the sponsor
  5. A passport-size photo of the sponsor and maid
  6. A copy of the sponsor’s labor contract
  7. Sponsor’s health insurance card
  8. Salary Certificate of the sponsor
  9. Maid’s medical fitness certificate (this should be from the maid’s country of origin)


Please note: Above is a general list of documents you would need to sponsor maid visa UAE. These may vary depending on if you’re a UAE citizen or resident and whether you’re working in a public or private sector.


Visa Validity

Maid visas are valid for one year and should be renewed every year.


Where to submit these documents?

When applying for a residency permit for your permit, you’ll need to submit the above-mentioned documents to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA).


What’s the process like?

Below is a step-by-step process to sponsor maid visa Dubai:

  1. Apply for an entry permit for the maid to enter the UAE
  2. Get your maid tested for HIV & Tuberculosis at a government-run medical center and obtain her Medical Fitness Report
  3. Kickstart your maid’s Emirates ID application
  4. Complete the residence visa stamping process
  5. Once the visa is stamped on the passport, collect the passport on your maid’s behalf as the sponsor.

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