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How to Sponsor a Spouse’s Residence Visa in UAE?

How to Sponsor a Spouse's Residence Visa in UAE?

If you recently relocated to the UAE, you may be acquainted with the country’s residency and visa requirements. Whether you moved to the UAE for a new job or to launch a business you need to make sure that all of your paperwork is in order. You may also need to apply for a visa for your family. Any foreign national who plans to reside in the UAE for an extended period must have a residence visa in UAE. In this blog, I am going to share everything you need to know about sponsor visa Dubai. Let us move on:


Prepare Your Documents

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your home country, the UAE Embassy there, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC) in the UAE must first certify your marriage certificate. GDRFA approval for UAE residents is necessary. In order to apply for his wife’s entry permit or residence visa, a husband must provide the list of documents below, according to the GDRFA in Dubai:

  • A recent, white-background personal photo of your wife
  • A copy of your wife’s passport, which must be up to date and have a minimum six-month validity
  • Attested marriage agreement
  • Copy of the sponsor’s passport, and a residence permit
  • If the husband is of a different nationality from the wife, the husband must obtain a no objection certificate (NOC) from the husband’s consulate
  • Depending on the sponsor’s organization, a salary certificate, work contract, or partnering contract may be used, as long as his monthly take-home pay is at least DH4000
  • Lease agreement or title deed


Where Should I Go Next?

 You can apply for the Spouse Visa UAE once you have all the necessary paperwork in order:

  • By visiting the Amer center
  • By visiting a licensed typing facility center
  • Apply via online application


Application Process for a Visa

Below are the necessary steps for the application process whether you visit an Amer Center or a typing facility:


1. Initiate the Sponsor File

In order for a file to be opened in the immigration system, you must first provide your personal information as a sponsor. The “sponsor record” is what this is called.


2. Request an Entry Permit

The next step is to request an entry permit for the wife. Your woman will be able to travel to the UAE to finish the visa application process using that entry permit.


3. If Your Wife Is In the UAE, It Is a “Change of Status”

If the wife is already in UAE, you must first submit an entry permit application before submitting a “change of status” request.


Test for Medical Fitness

After submitting a residence visa UAE application, you must go to a Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Medical Fitness Center to undergo a medical fitness test. You will need to undergo a few tests after visiting the medical fitness center, including a blood test as well as a chest X-ray. When finished, you will get the results in 24 hours. If you need them immediately, you can request Express or VIP service.


Request an Emirates ID

The next step is to apply for your wife’s Emirates ID, for which you will need to visit a Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICP) center and provide your biometric fingerprint. The Emirates ID will deliver to the Emirates Post office once you have finalized the application process. To obtain the ID, you must provide the reference number sent to your registered mobile number via SMS.


Obtain Health Insurance

Family members must purchase at least a minimal level of health insurance in Dubai for Spouse Visa Dubai. Which is the Essential Benefits Plan. Any health insurance provider will let you submit an online application for a residence visa in UAE coverage. As an alternative, if you are trying to apply via a typing service, they can also submit the application on your behalf for health insurance. Depending on your budget and healthcare requirements, you can select a basic plan, comprehensive plan, or enhanced benefits plan.


Get the Passport’s Visa Stamped

The stamping of the visa is the last step in this procedure. The Emirates ID will now serve as the primary document used to verify residency instead of visa stamps on passports, according to a recent announcement from the ICP.

However, Dubai residents might still require the visa to be stamped for the time being. If that applies to your application, your passport will pick up. Stamped with your visa, and delivered to you in four working days. You will have finished the paperwork required to become a resident of Dubai when your visa is stamped and you have your Emirates ID.


What Will The Cost Be?

The fees that you will incur at each stage are available here:

  • File-opening fee: 269 dirhams
  • Entry permit: Dh1180 or Dh500 (if the wife is outside of the UAE) (if the wife is inside the UAE)
  • Status change – Dh675
  • Dh320 for a medical fitness test (general)
  • Emirates ID – 170 dirhams for a year, 270 dirhams for two years, and 370 dirhams for three years
  • Visa attestation is Dh500


Depending on the coverage as well as benefits, you apply for health insurance. You must also pay the typing center’s service fees or other fees if you applied for the visa via them. Depending on the service provider, prices can change. However, the spouse visa renewal Dubai fee and process are the same as the first time. So, do not worry about it.

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