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How to Sponsoring Maid in Dubai: A Step-by-Step Guide?

How to Sponsor Maid in Dubai

Dubai is a bustling city that attracts many expatriates, and with busy lifestyles, hiring a maid or nanny is a common practice. However, sponsoring maid in Dubai involves specific procedures and requirements that every expatriate should know. In this blog post, we will discuss a step-by-step guide on how to sponsor a tadbeer maid visa in Dubai. We will also talk about the renewal procedure. Let us get started:


1. Eligibility Criteria

To sponsor the Maids Visa Dubai, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Your monthly salary should be more than AED 6000 or AED 5000 plus accommodation
  • You should have a valid residency visa in Dubai
  • You should have a spacious accommodation with a separate room for the maid
  • You should have a good conduct certificate from the Dubai Police


2. Find a Tadbeer Center

Tadbeer is a government-approved center that provides visa and sponsorship services for maids and nannies in Dubai. You need to approach a Tadbeer center and follow the procedures for Maids Visa Dubai. Here are some of the Tadbeer centers in Dubai:

  • Tadbeer Center Al Khawaneej
  • Tadbeer Center Al Qusais
  • Tadbeer Center Al Quoz
  • Tadbeer Center Jebel Ali
  • Tadbeer Center Warsan


3. Submit the Required Documents for Maids Visa Dubai

After selecting a Tadbeer center, you need to submit the following documents for Maids Visa UAE:

  • A work contract or a wage certificate
  • Emirates ID and a current resident visa
  • A tenancy contract that shows your spacious accommodation with a separate room for the maid
  • Dubai Police Certificate of good conduct
  • Medical fitness certificate for the maid


4. Apply for the Maid’s Visa

After submitting the documents, the Tadbeer Center will initiate the Nanny Visa Dubai application process. The process involves the following steps:

Medical Examination: The maid needs to undergo a medical examination at an approved medical center in Dubai.

Emirates ID: The maid needs to obtain an Emirates ID, which involves biometric data registration and photo capture.

Residency Visa: Once the medical examination and Emirates ID procedures are completed, the maid can obtain the residency visa.

Insurance: As of 2023, all residents and their dependents must have mandatory health insurance in Dubai. Therefore, you need to obtain health insurance for the maid.


5. Maid’s Arrival and Sponsorship

Once the maid’s visa is issued, she can travel to Dubai, and you can sponsor her. Here are some of the responsibilities of the sponsor:

  • Provide the maid with a decent accommodation with a separate room
  • Provide the maid with a salary that is as per the labor contract
  • Provide the maid with medical insurance and cover her medical expenses
  • Respect the maid’s rights and treat her humanely
  • Renew the maid’s visa and sponsorship before it expires


Maids Visa Renewal Dubai

The maids visa renewal Dubai is similar to other residency visas. You need to visit the GDRFA office or a Tadbeer center with the required documents and renew the visa before it expires. The cost of renewing a maid’s visa might vary based on the duration of the visa. These are the fees as of 2023:

  • AED 3100 for a one-year visa
  • AED 6100 for a two-year visa
  • AED 9100 for a three-year visa



Sponsoring Maid in Dubai might seem overwhelming, but it is a manageable process if you follow the above-mentioned steps correctly. Remember to choose a reliable Tadbeer center, provide the necessary documents, and comply with the legal requirements. Also, ensure that your maid has the required health insurance and obtains the Emirates ID and residence permit. With a valid maid visa, you can enjoy the convenience and support of having a domestic helper in your home in Dubai. If you have any further questions or need assistance in the process, do not hesitate to contact Docman Visa Consultancy Dubai for professional advice and guidance. Start the process today and make your life in Dubai more comfortable and stress-free.

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