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How You Can Hire a Maid Visa in Dubai?

How You Can Hire a Maid Visa in Dubai?

In the busy routine of the day, a maid helps you with your household chores. If you live in Dubai and are looking for a Maid Visa in Dubai, then you have come to the right place. From cleaning the house to cooking, the maid becomes an important member of your home. Taking care of this maid’s needs, paying her a fair salary on time, and getting her an air ticket is among your primary duties as an owner. If you are looking to sponsor Maid Visa in Dubai, you will want to know how to obtain a maid visa.

First, you will need her passport and a domestic card. You will also need to submit some documentation, including a one-way ticket. You will need to take your maid to the airport on the day of departure. She will be able to check in, but you will have to pay her within 10 days. All are the basics. So, what’s the process? Allow us now to get into additional particulars:


Documents of Hiring a Maid in Dubai

If you are planning to sponsor Maids Visa UAE, you will need to know that there are some costs involved in the process. In the UAE, it is illegal to hire a maid without sponsorship. Therefore, it is important to get the proper paperwork in order. The process can take up to a month, but it can be shortened by paying the necessary fees. Your maid will need three passport-size photos and a valid visa, as well as a contract or tenancy agreement. In addition, you will need to pay an annual fee to the Ministry of Labor for a maid’s employment in the UAE.


Cost of Sponsoring Maid Visa Dubai

The costs of sponsoring a nanny Visa Dubai may vary depending on the length of the employment contract. Typically, the monthly salary for a maid in the UAE ranges from DH 850 to Dh4000. Depending on their experience and duties. Whether an employer is willing to pay this amount depends on several factors. Including whether the maid is local or an expatriate, as well as the length of time they’ve worked for the employer. The annual cost may also increase if the maid is hired through an agency.

A maid’s health insurance in the UAE and an annual return flight ticket from the home country may cost more than the salary. Other expenses related to a maid’s residency include a security deposit and medical test fees. A maid’s visa and health insurance costs can add up to several hundred dirhams per month.


Requirements to Obtain a Maid Visa in Dubai

If you want to work as a maid in Dubai, you have to meet certain requirements before applying. This includes getting a residence visa and Emirates ID, as well as a medical fitness test. You must also undergo HIV, TB, and syphilis screening, as well as a Hepatitis B vaccination. The vaccination will cost you Dh50 and is valid for ten years.

After applying for the tadbeer maid visa, you must find a sponsor. If you have a sponsor, it is important to provide them with your contact information and any other required documents. Then, you have to confirm the financial requirements of the new sponsor. If your new sponsor is a family member, then he or she has to accept the maid’s passport photo, labor card, medical certifications, and contract. The sponsor must sign all the necessary papers for the visa to be approved.

The sponsor’s income level has to meet the minimum income threshold. The government of the UAE periodically changes this threshold. Currently, the minimum income threshold is AED 6,000 per month. In addition, the sponsor has to provide separate accommodation for the maid and must have at least two bedrooms available for her. In addition, the sponsor must be a UAE resident and have a head of the family status.

Obtaining a maid visa in Dubai can be challenging if you do not follow certain rules. Your employer will most likely have a visa agent or immigration lawyer on staff, but this is not mandatory. However, if you follow these steps, you can be on your way to becoming a maid in Dubai.


Medical Tests Are Required To Obtain a Maid Visa in Dubai

The first step in the process of applying for a maid visa in Dubai is to complete a medical fitness test. Fortunately, this requirement does not include vaccinations. However, you will need a yellow hepatitis B vaccination certificate. Which shows all three injections and is valid for ten years. You can either complete the process at the airport upon arrival or schedule the appointment in advance. The salary you can expect as a maid can range from DH 850 to Dh3500 per month, depending on experience and scope of work. In addition, you will need to adhere to any rules and regulations laid down by the UAE Embassy in your country.

Once you have met these requirements, the next step in the process is to register your maid for an Emirates ID. Registration costs AED 325 (up to AED 520 for urgent services). A medical fitness report costs AED 325, and medical fitness testing costs a minimum of AED 420 for urgent services. Once the maid is registered for an Emirates ID, it will be stamped on her passport.


Where to Hire Maid in Dubai?

It is an important question. Therefore, you can hire a maid from India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Ethiopia, and Indonesia. Remember, the most important thing is every visa is available for some years. Therefore, you should be very careful about the maids visa renewal Dubai process before it’s too late. Because, with specific requirements, you can apply for a renewal process.

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