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Investor Visa Dubai: All you need to know

Investor Visa Dubai: All you need to know

The Dubai investor visa is undoubtedly one of the most popular visa types among investors. Commonly known as the Dubai Partner Visa, it’s ideal for foreigners looking to buy a property or start a new business in the UAE.

The visa is valid from three to up to 10 years and also allows for family sponsorship. This means that you can also apply for a UAE residence for your spouse, children & parents.

Below are the steps that you’ll need to follow in order to apply for an investor visa in Dubai:


  1. You’ll first need to visit the immigration department or a typing/Tasheel center to apply for an entry permit.
  2. Secondly, take the required medical fitness tests at a government-approved health center.
  3. Then, type your Emirates ID application at any Amer Centre.
  4. Submit your application to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship Center.
  5. Photographs of you and your family and the Emirates ID application of your family are also required.
  6. If you’re a UAE resident, you’ll also have to submit your Emirates ID.
  7. You’ll also be asked to provide biometric data, in case this is your first time applying for an Emirates ID.
  8. You’ll also be required to purchase health insurance.
  9. Finally, convert your visa status to an investor residence visa by visiting any Amer Centre.



There are 2 main types of economic zones in Dubai:

1: Mainland

2: Freezone

For mainland companies, having a UAE national or an agent as the majority shareholder was a must. However, rules have changed now. Mainland investors can now also enjoy 100% foreign ownership.

Freezone companies also allow 100% foreign ownership. These are not subject to taxation like Value-Added Tax (VAT). Investing in a free zone makes you eligible for the Dubai partner visa, with the free trade zone acting as your sponsor.

However, the application process varies for each free zone. It depends on the free zone you invest in, the nature of the business, and other factors.

Documents required for Mainland Companies

If you wish to invest in the UAE mainland, below is the list of documents that you’ll need to apply for an investor visa Dubai.

  1. Bank Account IBAN Number of the sponsor
  2. Establishment Card and Memorandum Papers (MOA)
  3. One photograph with white background.
  4. Partner’s current UAE visa (when applicable)
  5. Partner’s passport copy
  6. Sponsor’s original Emirates ID
  7. Trade License Copy



There are mainly 3 types of investor visas available. We have shared the details for each below:

3-Year Investor Visa Dubai

Following are the eligibility criteria you must meet to apply for a 3-year investor visa Dubai:

Eligibility requirements 

  • Must own a property with a base value of AED 750,000.
  • For mortgaged properties, 50% of the total value must be deposited in the bank.
  • A no-objection letter from the bank (in Arabic).
  • A marriage certificate is required for shared properties between spouses.
  • The investment must be made in a residential property, not a commercial one.
  • Jointly owned properties can be considered, provided your share is worth AED 750,000+.


5-Year Investor Visa Dubai

Following are the eligibility criteria you must meet to apply for a 5-year investor visa in Dubai:

Eligibility requirements

  • Must own a property with a base value of at least AED 5 million.
  • This must not be a mortgaged property.
  • The property retention period should be a minimum of 3 years
  • Must be a freehold property.

10-year Investor Visa Dubai

This is the most talked-about investor visa. It’s the popular Golden Visa, offering a validity duration of up to 10 YEARS!

However, like any other visa, there are some Dubai Golden Visa requirements you must meet.

Eligibility requirements

  • Set up a company in the UAE with a capital of AED 10 million.


  • Become a partner in a new or an existing company with shares worth at least AED 10 million.


  • Invest in UAE-based investment funds

Things to note:

  • Out of your total investment, 60% of your investment should be in sectors other than real estate.
  • Also, the capital should be a loan from a recognized local bank.
  • Must have private assets of up to AED 10 million.




Following is the cost to apply for an investor visa via any Amer Centre:

Entry permit: AED 1,175 for people in UAE and AED 525 for people outside UAE.

Change of status: AED 675 (not required for individuals from outside UAE).

Visa stamping: Around AED 870

Emirates ID: AED 405

Medical Tests: AED 322.5

Above are the standard charges, according to the GDRFA. There’s also an extra fee in order to obtain an immigration card and trade license.

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