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Latest Requirements about Parents Visa UAE

Latest Requirements about Parents Visa UAE

Whether you are planning to move to Dubai with your family or you have already migrated, the latest requirements about family visas are important to be known. Among the important requirements are that you should have a stable income, and a valid medical certificate. You should also know about the documents that you need to provide when applying for a Parents Visa UAE. As well as the validity and the cancellation of the visa.

What are the Documents Required?

When applying for a Parents Visa Dubai, you must submit several documents.  UAE residents must apply for residency through the Naturalization and Residence Department of the emirate where they live. The application process is usually straightforward. Applicants must provide their contact number, pay fees, fill out a form and wait for further instructions.

Depending on the emirate, the requirements for the residency permit can vary. Generally, residents must prove that they have a two-bedroom accommodation and a monthly minimum salary of 20,000 AED. They must also have an annual medical insurance policy for their parents. You must also have an attested tenancy contract from your landlord. Those who are not UAE nationals must also pay an assurance.

Medical Test Requirements

If you want to travel to the UAE on a family visa Dubai, you will have to undergo a medical exam. Depending on the visa you have applied for, the examination may include a chest x-ray, blood test, urinalysis, and screening for hepatitis C and syphilis.

You should consult with a registered doctor before you begin your immigration medical exam. You must bring your national identification card and immunization records. These records must state your current and past medical conditions.

The results of the exam were sent to the embassy within five working days. It is a good idea to schedule your medical exam three weeks before your interview. You ought to likewise take your visa with you.

Syphilis and hepatitis tests are necessary to detect positive cases of certain diseases. A person who is positive for either disease will be deported.

Salary Requirement

The UAE government has recently made it easier to sponsor parents visa UAE and family members. The new rules are not yet clear on how they will affect existing residents. Or Will it affect family visa renewal Dubai?

There are a few requirements that must fulfilled to sponsor a parent. These include proof of your relationship with your parents. You also have to prove that you can provide the necessary financial support for them. In addition, you must prove that you can meet their medical insurance needs.

The UAE’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) can help you with your application. The rules for parents residence visa Dubai vary by Emirate. Generally, the rules are similar to those for working parents. However, you may have to provide some additional documentation.

Validity Of Visas For Sons And Stepsons

As the UAE government is making changes to its visa rules, it is easier for parents to sponsor their sons and stepson. However, there are certain rules and regulations that you must follow before you can get your child sponsored.

For instance, there is an age limit for sponsors. If the sponsor is a UAE citizen, he or she must visit Dubai at least once every six months to maintain the validity of their visa. If the sponsor is not a UAE citizen, he or she can sponsor their sons and stepsons for up to twelve months.

There is also a medical check required. A medical exam pass at an approved medical center. Children under the age of 18 are not necessary for a blood test. These requirements remain the same whether you are offering the first time or it is parents visa renewal Dubai.

Cancellation of Visas for Children

If you have a UAE residence visa, the good news is that you can cancel your visa. You can do so by liaising with your sponsor.

First, you must provide a financial guarantee for your dependents. This can be in the form of a bank account or a tenancy agreement.

If you have a residency permit, you can sponsor your children. This is an easy process. The same rules apply to sponsoring first-degree relatives, like Parents Residence Visa Dubai. However, you may be required to sponsor children in some special circumstances.

You can sponsor your children online or at a typing center. A scanned color copy of your passport is necessary, with at least six months of validity. You can even collect your Emirates ID from your local post office or courier.

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