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Minimum Salary and Other Requirements to Sponsor Parents Visa UAE

Minimum Salary and Other Requirements to Sponsor Parents Visa UAE

Sponsoring parents in Dubai is now possible with very simple conditions. Because the Dubai Government has made it easier to issue family visas and parents visa UAE. So now, you can easily sponsor any family member. To sponsor a parents visa UAE, an expatriate must meet certain requirements. This can include having a minimum salary of Dh20000 or having two-bedroom housing. Expatriates are also required to prove that they are the sole supporter of the family.


Documents Required

If you want to sponsor parents residence visa Dubai, you should know the documents you need to submit to the Immigration Department. First, you need to have a labor contract attested by the Ministry of Labor and a salary certificate in Arabic. You also need to provide proof of your relationship with your parents Visa UAE. Such as a birth certificate or a divorce certificate. In addition, you must have proof of the number of siblings you have and where they are living. Once you have all the documents together, you should submit them to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) for approval.

Your parents visa in UAE will need to sponsor by a son or daughter. Both of these documents are legally attested and translated into Arabic. In case your parents are deceased, you must also submit an attestation letter from the UAE Embassy in your country. In addition, if your parents are divorced or separated, you need to parents visa UAE a dependency certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE and translated into Arabic.


Medically Unfit People Will Not Be Granted a Residence Visa In UAE

The UAE government has recently amended its medical examination system for new arrivals to include TB screening. Those who have pulmonary tuberculosis or HIV cannot enter the country and net get a parent visa Dubai. Those who are TB-positive, have to go to their homeland. However, individuals who are immobile are applicable to residency.  They can apply for a one-year Health Fitness Certificate for Residence.

To qualify for a parents residence visa in Dubai, applicants must pass two medical examinations. HIV testing is required for people who wish to live in the country, and a chest X-ray is necessary for those who have tuberculosis. If a person tests positive for HIV, he or she cannot get a residence visa. A blood test and X-ray are required at an approved health center. They can ask the applicants to provide health certificates for their dependents.


Expatriates Must Have Two-Bedroom Housing

There are a number of requirements to sponsor a Family Visa Dubai. Applicants must meet a minimum salary requirement and prove that they have the financial means to sponsor their parents. They must also show proof that they are financially and physically capable of supporting their dependents. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE must attest to documents showing that the sponsor has the financial means.

The minimum salary and other requirements for sponsoring parents in the UAE vary by Emirate. However, the requirements for working parents are typically the same. Applicants must also provide proof that they will provide full support for their parents, including any dependent children. Lastly, they must provide an annual medical insurance policy for the parents.

Parents must also meet other requirements for sponsoring their parents in the UAE. They must have at least a one-year residency in the UAE. They must also provide a no-objection certificate from the biological parent. Upon meeting these criteria, the UAE government grants residency visas to their children for one year and then allows them to renew them every year. Single women are also eligible to sponsor children in the UAE. They must submit a no-objection certificate from the biological father and other documents that verify their relationship with the child.


Proof That You Are the Sole Support

To be able to sponsor your parents in UAE, you must be working. You must have a sponsor visa Dubai with a minimum salary and medical insurance coverage. In addition, you must renew the insurance annually. The parents must also be present in the country with you and must have a divorce certificate or death certificate if applicable. Besides, you must have a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months. If you are an ex-pat, you must also have a valid residence visa page.

As the UAE predominantly consists of ex-pats, sponsoring a family member in UAE can be a relatively simple process. As long as you fall into a specific income bracket, the UAE government makes sponsoring a family visa very simple.


Apart from the minimum salary, there are other requirements for sponsoring parents in UAE. As we mentioned, you must have a two-bedroom residence and a medical insurance policy. You must also have an official document stating that your parents are financially dependent on you. Your parents can also sponsor your sons up to the age of 21.

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