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Requirements for Residence Visa Dubai in December 2022

Requirements for Residences Visa Dubai in December 2022

Whether you are planning to visit Dubai in December 2022 or you are on a residence visa Dubai, you must be aware of the requirements to get a residence visa Dubai. These requirements include the medical exam for issuance of residences visa, work visas for expatriates, and entry permits for friends and relatives. Therefore, in this blog, we will shed the light on all such requirements. Let us move on:


Work Visas for Expatriates

Expatriates in Dubai have recently been offered a new type of visa. The UAE Government has introduced new visas designed to attract different types of workers. These new visas are expected to help the country kickstart its economy after a tough year.

The UAE government has also introduced the UAE Gold Card visa program. This program allows exceptional professionals and investors to live and work in the UAE. The visa program offers options for five and ten-year visas. The visa program includes some options for expatriates in Dubai, such as visa-on-arrival and visa extensions.

The UAE has also introduced the remote working visa program. This visa allows working professionals to live and work in Dubai remotely for one year. The program is designed to attract digital nomads.


Multi-Entry Tourist Visa

Whether you are planning a visit to Dubai or want to stay in the city for a while, a multiple-entry tourist visa is an ideal choice. This visa allows you to enter the UAE more than once, stay in the country for a longer period, and even convert it into a residence visa UAE after your visit.

The UAE has introduced five-year multiple-entry tourist visas, which are designed to promote tourism spending in the UAE. The visa program was announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Ruler of Dubai. This new visa is the first of its kind. In addition, aimed at simplifying the visa process for tourists.

It allows you to enter the UAE multiple times for a total stay of 90 days. It is also designed to make travel easier for residents. This will make it easier for ex-pats to travel back and forth to their home country and allow relatives to visit.


Golden Residency Services for Doctors And Nurses

Earlier, the UAE issued Golden Visas to prominent people in different fields. These included doctors, investors, and academic excellence students. However, the Golden Visa expanded to include medical staff and other professionals in the health sector.

The UAE Golden Residency Scheme is to attract top talent. It allows UAE residents to sponsor their family members without any limits. This means that the family members of the Golden Visa holder can remain in the UAE for the duration of the visa. However, they will permit to leave the country in case of the Visa holder’s death. There is also a six-month grace period for the visa holder’s family.

The UAE has also granted Golden visas to nurses. UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and UAE Vice President Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid have both praised the efforts of ex-pat doctors in the health sector. They said that such a gesture would boost the morale of the country.


Entry Permits to Visit Friends and Relatives

Those who are in Dubai and plan to visit their friends and relatives can get entry permits. However, they must follow certain requirements. They can apply online before arriving in Dubai or through their local sponsor. This residence visa renewal process is also the same duration of 60 days.

Those who are interested in applying for visas must first ensure that they have a valid passport. They can also get their visas at the airport or in a hotel in UAE. The visa requirements vary according to the type of visa i.e. Parents visa Dubai. Some visas require a deposit of between Dh1500 and Dh2000. They also require a medical exam. The medical exam is done at an approved medical center.

Applicants must provide a valid passport, a visa invitation letter, a medical test, and proof of financial security. They may also have to undergo security checks.


Medical Exam for Issuance Of Residence Visa

Those wishing to obtain a visa to work in the United States must first undergo a medical examination. This may include a chest x-ray to check for tuberculosis. If the x-ray is positive, the applicant will not receive a visa.

In some cases residence visa Dubai, the applicant may need to receive vaccinations before receiving a visa to work in the UAE. This is because visa regulations may change from time to time. The visa may be invalid if the applicant leaves the country for six months or more. The visa regulations may also change depending on the destination country.


There are two main types of residence visas in the United Emirates. These include a one-year visa and a two-year visa. Applicants may have to meet various requirements for their destination country, transit country, and final destination. In addition, this UAE residence visa renewal is mandatory.

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