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Attestation services

Are you planning on moving to the UAE? Dubai requires all its immigrants to get their documents attested before they enter the country. Have you got your documents attested? You must know that when it comes to moving to another place, it is important to obtain all documentation attested. Attestation services in Dubai make sure you easily and legally move to your new destination.

What is attestation?

Attestation refers to attesting the documents or certificates which means that a document or a certificate has been checked for its authenticity and declared genuine. The official seal on the documents is proof that the document has been verified. In short, attestation is necessary for the confirmation of the originality of the document.

Who needs to get document attestation?

Any foreign national who wishes to settle, study, work, open a business in UAE or any other country are required to get their documents and certificates attested. This is because all the documents and certificates which you plan to use in the UAE require authentication.

Who checks the authenticity of the documents?

The document should be attested or approved by official authorities for an authentication. Authorities such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minister of external affairs or the UAE embassy are considered by all government departments and major business establishment. All the documents are verified by these authorities and then if the certificate or the document is original, it gets stamped.

Attestation Process in Dubai

After submitting the documents they are taken to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country to get it verified and stamped for authenticity. When stamped, the copies are given for verification at the UAE embassy of your country for the confirmation that the documents have been authenticated by a genuine government body. These documents are then submitted to the relevant government department in the UAE.

Benefits of Attestation services

This procedure might be overwhelming. Many people are unaware of the right steps to get their documents attested. Here attestation services in Dubai help you out by assisting you through the procedure of attestation, legalization, authentication. Here are some benefits of hiring reliable attestation Services in Dubai:

  • They are prompt and reliable
  • They safely handle the original documents
  • They facilitate free submission of documents
  • They thoroughly track the documents
  • They pick up and deliver the documents free
  • They provide high customer satisfaction
  • They value your time and money.

When do we need attestation?

There are many reasons for which you might be needing the attestation services in Dubai. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • When seeking employment in a foreign country.
  • If you already live in a foreign country and want to bring your family to that country.
  • For admission in any school or for taking higher education from abroad.
  • When attending the exam of the ministry of health or giving the exam of the department of health.
  • For changing the designation of your visa from lower to higher level.
  • For medical coverage or claiming insurance.
  • When applying for a loan in a foreign country or in case of opening a bank account or changing the details of the bank account.
  • For registering a new company or when in need to grant the power of attorney to someone else.

Types of Attestation

Attestation services in Dubai helps in attestation of several documents and certificates. You need to get the attestation services for mainly three types of purposes.

  • Educational Documents Attestation

    All the cases in which the education is dependent on the attested documents come under this category. Some of them include school or college admission certificate, school/ college leaving certificates, equivalency certificate, diploma/degree certificates, transcripts, registration, mark sheets, etc.

  • Personal Documents Attestation

    All the documents like marriage certificate, death certificate, adoption certificate, birth certificate, leaving certificate, police clearance certificate, the medical certificate comes under this category. If you want to get a job or want to move around for any purpose, you will need to attest to your documents.

  • Commercial Documents Attestation

    This category includes documents related to your commercial needs. You will need to get your documents attested if registering a company or giving the power of attorney to someone else.

Attestation services simplify multiple types of attestation requirements. So, if you want to get your documents attested, make sure you hire one of the reputable attestation services in Dubai.

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