Business setup in Dubai

Business setup in Dubai

The Most Renowned Business Setup Consultants in Dubai UAE

At Docman, expert business consultants offer support to fledgling ventures, providing valuable guidance. Access to expert advice not only enhances the likelihood of success but also proves to be a time-efficient approach. This helps minimize budgetary needs by preventing costly slipups. Engaging in business start-up consulting services comes with invaluable advantages for new ventures. Docman is an expert consulting firm in business setup in Dubai. Our proven process not only saves you valuable time and resources but also eliminates the hassles associated with starting your venture. Boost the expansion of your business by leveraging our guidance. Opt for our trusted business setup UAE consulting services to propel the growth of your enterprise.


With a deep understanding of the intricacies, extensive networks, and a pioneering position in this domain, we are the leaders who can guide you seamlessly through the journey. Our firm has the relevant knowledge, experience, and proficiency to offer professional assistance for establishing a new company. Initiating a company or business setup in Dubai becomes straightforward, time-saving, and efficient with Docman. We facilitate the establishment of Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore companies. Our experienced consultants at Docman have a demonstrated history of offering expert advice in the realm of business formation and its registration. Our adept agents provide comprehensive support in all kinds of services associated with business throughout the Emirates. Moreover, we are a firm with a wealth of expertise in initiating businesses across a diverse range of industries.


Types of Business Setup

Mainland Business Setup

Choosing the mainland as the location for new company formation in Dubai is a widely favored option. The combination of favorable opportunities and amenities for business makes it an ideal destination. Notably, one of the intriguing aspects of Mainland Business Setup in Dubai is the exemption from corporate and personal taxes, making the mainland an appealing choice.


Free Zone Business Setup

Docman, the best company formation consultants, specializes in aiding freezone company in Dubai. It helps setup the business and in the incorporation process within over 50 United Arab Emirates free zones. With a plethora of information to sift through and numerous factors to consider, such as business type, location, pricing, office space or flexi-desk options, bookkeeping, and auditing, choosing the ideal free zone for your specific business needs, can be overwhelming. Call us today!


Offshore Business Setup

We specialize in pioneering offshore company formation in UAE. We offer tailored solutions to help our clients explore new avenues. Our strength lies in helping our clients establish robust connections with local authorities, comprehend legal processes, and devise an appropriate business model. Our primary offerings for Dubai Offshore Company encompass company registration and growth, tax services, bookkeeping and accounting services, assurance & audit, along with branding consultations.


Steps for a Business Setup

Dubai stands out as the most contemporary and forward-thinking business destination within the UAE, undergoing rapid development. Investors come here, eager to establish their envisioned businesses. They recognize the city’s immense potential and promising future. Notably, the populous city boasts the highest concentration of free zones across the entire Emirates. When embarking on the establishment of a new company setup, a crucial factor to consider is the setup cost. What particularly appeals to entrepreneurs is the direct tax-free status prevalent in its business zones. Docman is unquestionably the top business setup service here.


Specify Business Type: Begin by identifying the business you wish to initiate. Your chosen business category will determine the required license. Consult the Department of Economic Development. They offer a list of 2100 business options. If your specific business is not listed, get in touch with the D.E.D. directly. Seek assistance from our top business setup consultants.


Understand the Ownership Details: Dubai provides various zones for business operations, and for new company setup one need to understand them. The business zones include free zones, offshore, and mainland. Free zones allow 100 percent foreign ownership, with over 45 options available. The chief advantages include repatriation of profits and capital in full, no import/export tax, no personal income or corporate tax, and streamlined licensing and startup procedures. On the other hand, operating in the mainland requires a local partner, a UAE national holding the majority (51%) ownership. Advantages of mainland business formation include the flexibility or freedom to operate across the UAE, limitless visas, and a broader range of businesses for licensing. Moreover, there are no business or personal taxes. However, a business permit or license is mandatory from the Department of Economic Development.


Know about Capital Investment Involved: Mainland business setup in Dubai involves varying capital investments based on the legal structure. Free zone businesses, however, do not require capital investment.


Draft Agreements: it is essential to create a comprehensive agreement, outlining the precise responsibilities of the concerned sponsor, Specifying the annual fee. Also, business Setup in Dubai UAE requires no-objection certificate from the concerned local sponsor. Draft and sign a MOA or Memorandum of Association with local support, aligning with your business’s legal entity. Obtaining preliminary approval for your firm from the Department of Economic Development.


Confirm the Office Location: You must Secure an office space for the firm and have an office ownership contract as proof of a registered office address. For offshore companies, the registered agent’s address can serve as the firm’s official address.


Choose a Trade Name: If you are new to setting up a company in Dubai, ensure to choose a trade name that highlights your firm’s services or nature. Make sure it is not already registered, does not violate public ethics, and does not include names of governing authorities, religions, or external body logos. Promptly pay the trade name reservation fees, preferably within 72 hours of receiving the voucher.


Put in the Trade License Application: The chosen business activity dictates the required license, issued by the DED. Different legal structures under the DED have ownership restrictions for non-nationals. Three main license types are Professional License, Limited Liabilities Company License for LLC company formation in Dubai, and Industrial License.


Submit All Relevant Documents and Obtain License: Submit all necessary documents to the Commercial Registration Department and the DED. Focus on processing promptly all necessary payments.


Documents, Criteria for Setting Business

  • The Business Plan and Completed Application Form.
  • Existing Trade License or Registration Certificate copy.
  • MOA and AOA suitably notarized by the authority.
  • Copy of the passport of the Sponsor to verify his Citizenship in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Passport copies of the company’s shareholders and appointed manager.
  • Original RIC or the Registry Identification Code Form for the appointed manager duly notarized.


Benefits of Dubai Business Formation

Limited Liability: It is a legal concept that restricts the financial responsibility of members to a specific amount of debt. Members’ liability is limited to the face value of the shares they have purchased formatounless they have explicitly agreed to unlimited liabilities.

Legal Entity: It refers to an organization with a distinct and separate existence recognized by the law. This entity has the capacity to initiate legal actions and be subject to legal proceedings in its own name. Upon incorporation, a company gains its own identity, possessing rights, liabilities, and the ability to engage in legal matters.

Perpetual Succession: It indicates that the company has an enduring existence, lasting until it is legally dissolved. Regardless of changes in membership, staff, or shareholders, the company remains unaffected. It is not impacted by the death or departure of any member.



Docman is among the top business setup companies in Dubai. Functioning as a comprehensive solution, we provide end-to-end services for all the requirements a new firm or business may have. Remember company formation is made simple, easy, and quick with Docman.

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