Employment Visa Services in Dubai

Employment Visa Services in Dubai

Docman has Made It Too Easy to Get Dubai Employment Visa

Dubai is one of the best places in the world that has a lot of resources. People from all around the globe come to Dubai in search of a job, and there are millions of foreigners working in Dubai to earn for their families. It’s a city full of opportunities, and everyone has a dream to work here with better opportunities.

If you’re thinking of moving to Dubai for a job, you might need to first have a work permit. In this article, we have briefly discussed how to get your UAE work visa and start your job here in UAE.

Docman visa service has made it so easy to get an employment visa Dubai but you must have a valid passport and a job letter. Therefore, it’s suggested that you first search for employment so that it would be easier for you to get a visa. Although, the employment visa in Dubai cost is also reasonable as compared to other countries.

Procedure to Get Employment Visa Dubai

Being one of the highly developed regions all around the globe, getting a hands-on employment visa UAE is challenging, especially if you’re new to this. Also, there is an ocean of brokers out there that offer their services at high prices as compared to actual Employment Visa Dubai Cost. Keeping this thing in mind, we’re here to make this way smooth for you.

The procedure for an employment visa Dubai divides into two stages. The requirements of both stages have to be fulfilled to get this visa. Whether you’re looking for a low 2 years employee visa price in Dubai or long-lasting employment, Docman can help you by being your savior.



How to obtain an employment entry visa in Dubai?

Dubai is one of those regions where everyone dreams to work, but getting a working visa in UAE is not a piece of cake unless you’ve got a reliable middleman behind it. Keeping the professionalism and convenience of our patrons in mind, we make no mistake concerning high-quality and timely work.

It is a great thing about landing in Dubai that you don’t have to worry about a work permit. You can take your time by arriving there.

  • First, go through the first stage of the entry visa; after that, you have to do something about the employment visa in Dubai.
  • The validity of an entry visa is 60 days until the work permit is processed.
  • To contain your entry visa, you should have your visa application through your employer.
  • After that, the job offer contract has to be submitted by the employer also.


Docman, in this regard, can cover your back. From making this hassle procedure smooth to reducing the employment visa cost in Dubai, Docman leaves no chance to win its patrons’ hearts.

UAE Employment Visa Rules

UAE is one of those countries where rules and regulations are touching the highest skies. The government makes no compromise concerning the law. Keeping this thing in mind, an individual has to follow some rules regarding a Dubai employment visa. Here are some most prominent ones:

  • Your age must be 18 or more.
  • The license of the company or an organization, which is hiring you must be authentic.
  • The company must be legal – far from any violation.
  • You must be eligible for the work that the company offers.

If you meet these requirements, then you can leave the rest to Docman. The punctual services will be all yours.


Eligibility Criteria for Employment Visa in UAE

UAE offers an ocean of jobs to qualified people all over the world. If you’ve got skills and specialties, and make your way towards Dubai, distinct achievements will be all yours. Since the eligibility criteria are concerned, you’ve to meet these requirements to become a part of Dubai’s futuristic world.

  • If you’re 18 or more, you’re eligible to step on the soil of the UAE.
  • If you’ve got a bachelor’s degree in any program, you’re eligible.
  • If you’ve got a high school diploma, you’re eligible for an employment visa Dubai.
  • If you possess a post-secondary diploma in any program, Dubai will welcome you.

How to get a work permit in the UAE easily?

This is the stage where you get your employment visa Dubai as you have 60 days as per your entry visa. So, you have to apply for a residence visa.
You’ll undergo a medical checkup.

  • Then you apply for the Emirates ID card.
  • After signing the labor contract signature and Medical health insurance, you can get your employment visa in Dubai.

Required Documents for Employment Visa Dubai

These are the following documents that you must consider to get your visa:

  • Needed a colored photo with white background.
  • Copy of passport that should be valid until the next six months.
  • A letter of approval should be typed as proof from the relevant authorities.

You can either contact us for further details if you are interested in this, as our team will help you with proper guidance.


Can you renew a work visa?

A common question asked by enthusiasts concerning employment visa renewal in Dubai is – can I renew a work visa? The answer is no doubt, yes, but you’ve to go through a mind-boggling process. Docman possesses the ability to save both your time and money in this regard. Being around this industry for a long time, our qualified staff is familiar with all the possible timely solutions that can help you to renew your visa within a few days.


Make Your Way Towards Docman to Get Employment Visa UAE

If you are looking for a low employment visa UAE cost, then Docman is the best option you got in the entire Dubai, as we provide a fast service of visa while saving your cost, effort, and time at the same point. Our team is highly professional and expert at their job.

Without wasting any further time, it’s time you get the work done by contacting our agent and getting Employment Visa Dubai at a very reasonable cost. The only thing you’ve to do is follow some smooth procedures; we’ll take care of the rest. After a few days, your visa will be at your doorstep.

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