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Everyone dreams about living and working in Dubai. To live and work in Dubai an individual needs a work visa. The procedure of getting a UAE employment visa is very simple. Here is everything you need to know about Dubai visa procedure.

For a Dubai employment visa, it is essential for you to have a valid passport and a job offer. It is recommended you first find employment before moving. Once you get a job you will need an entry visa.

Obtaining the entry visa

For working outside the free zones, there is no need to secure a work permit before you land in Dubai, but it is must to obtain an entry visa on arrival. If an individual is going to work inside the free zone, the worker needs an entry visa before arrival. The Employment Entry Visa is collected from a desk prior to the immigration checkpoint, which is valid for 60 days while the work permit is being processed.

  • Visa Application: The first step for obtaining the entry visa is to get visa application approved by the Ministry of Labor(MOL). Your employer applies to the relevant departments on behalf of you. So, employer fulfills legalities stated by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA).
  • Job offer Contract: Now the employer will have to send the job offer contract for the workers’ signature, and having them return it back to the employer. The contract must be in both English and Arabic languages as well as the workers’ native language. This confirms that the worker is well informed with his job position. This offer letter will be reviewed by the MOL.
  • Application approval of work permit: The work permit application must be approved before the issuance of entry visa. Here, the MOL confirms whether there is any other unemployed UAE citizen (registered in UAE corporate entity) eager to perform and capable of a particular job. If not, approval is granted.
  • Work entry visa: When the work permit application is approved, an employment entry visa is issued by the ministry. It has two months of validity and allows the worker entry in Dubai legally. The worker with this visa can remain in Dubai up to a month and then can extend it for one more month till formal work permit is granted.

Obtaining a Work Permit and residence visa

  • Enter the country: To legally enter the country either you have to obtain a prior ready entry visa from the airport at the time of arrival or if you are already in the country apply for a change of status visa after issuance of entry visa. Once you enter you get 60 days to complete the work permit and residence visa process.
  • It is mandatory for all foreign expats to go through a medical examination before issuance if work permit. First, get medical fitness tests done. The worker should undergo a health check at any local hospital of Dubai, once the worker arrives in Dubai.
  • Emirates ID: Get an application form filled up completely at a typing center. Submit the form with a valid passport ( original) and employment entry permit at the Emirates ID service center.
  • Labor contract signature: Once the medical results are issued, submit a signed labor contract to MOL within 14 days.
  • Medical health insurance: Get medical health insurance done as now it is mandatory in UAE without which the work permit cannot be issued or renewed.

You will then receive a work permit and Emirates ID. The Emirates ID is used for everyday identification.

Now, when you have got the work permit and Emirates ID, you can apply for the residence visa to legally live in UAE. Once you receive the results of the medical fitness test you had done, go to the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai (DNRD) with all the relevant documents. The visa will then be stamped on the employee’s passport. The residence visa has three years of validity.

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