Family Visa in Dubai

Family Visa in Dubai


Family Visa Services in Dubai: New & Renewal

An ocean of qualified people is making their living in Dubai. Far away from their families, they’re working for their prosperity, their happiness. Sponsoring the family in Dubai is not much expensive and one can apply for a visa very easily. You can also hire family visa services in Dubai to help you with the procedure and paperwork. If you’re looking forward to bringing your family to you, then for a family visa in Dubai, you’ve to meet some requirements to start the procedure for a family visa in Dubai.

A minimum monthly salary is required to sponsor your family to come live with you in the UAE. In order to be eligible for sponsoring your wife or children and get a family visa Dubai, you should be earning a minimum monthly amount required as per the rules by Dubai government along with having accommodation.
Along with the family, you can also sponsor a UAE family visa for your business partner and employees.

Documents required for sponsoring a visa for your family in UAE: Wife or Children

Getting a family visa in UAE is truly a mission, which requires numerous procedures to be done to get the deal. An ocean of enthusiasts either cancel their program or get themselves trapped in the wrong hands. To avoid this scenario, Docman offers a reliable platform to get visa for family in the UAE. From making this hassle-procedure smooth to delivering the family visas at cost-effective prices, Docman leaves no stones unturned to make a significant place among their customers’ hearts.
To get a family visa in Dubai UAE, you should first apply for an entry permit. Here are some of the UAE family visa documents required:


  • A typed application form.
  • For government employees, a salary certificate and the other employees attested work contract is needed.
  • Three months’ bank statement for long-time residents. If you are a new resident, a bank statement of one month will be needed or a bank letter confirming salary transfer will be sufficient.
  • A tenancy contract is attested.
  • Emirates ID card and labor card.
  • For a wife visa in Dubai, a marriage certificate (original and copy) will be needed, that has been attested by UAE authorities (for UAE marriages) or in case the marriage has taken place in your home country. It should be attested there by the concerned ministry, and finally stamped by the UAE embassy in that country. Then, get it cross-attested by the concerned ministry in the UAE.
  • If sponsoring your children, a birth certificate (original and copy, both certified) and a written statement for daughters above 18 years of age testifying that they are unmarried.
  • Passports and copies of the passport of both sponsor and family member.
  • Medical check-up report of wife or children over 15 years of age from the authorized clinic.
  • Passport-size photos of the family member with white backgrounds.

Documents required for sponsoring a family visa for a business partner in UAE

When we talk about business, the UAE government pays special heed to an individual’s background. The reason behind that is UAE is considered as one of the top-notched regions all over the globe that cannot compromise its superiority. That’s the reason getting hands on a family visa in UAE is next to challenging. If you make your way toward Docman in the first place, the results can be higher in your favor. Being a reliable middleman in this regard, we offer economical and punctual services.

Here are some of the family visa in UAE requirements and documents:

  • Typed application form for immigration
  • Bank statement for 3 months
  • License and MOU as proof of a partner.
  • A deposit of an amount of 3000 per person
  • License and MOU (Momentum of understanding) with the new partner’s name, passport, and photo attached.
  • Medical checkup report
  • Emirates ID
  • Insurance

Eligible professions for family visa in Dubai

The government of Dubai doesn’t put any limitations on specific professions concerning family visas. If you meet the salary requirements and eligibility criteria of a certain job, you’re all welcome to be a noteworthy part of this Arab world and can now apply for a visa for family in the UAE.

Documents required for sponsoring a family visa for the employee

Dubai family visa is considered among the renowned visas all over the world, and getting registered for them is a hell of a task, especially for employees. Keeping this thing in mind, Docman, being a professional company, offers reliable services to cover its patrons’ backs.

Besides our services, you’ll need some essential documents to make yourself eligible to step into this futuristic soil. Here are some of them:

  • Entry permit
  • A labor contract
  • Employee’s passport copies with a validity of 6 months
  • A passport-size photo of the employee
  • Medical checkup report
  • Emirates ID
  • Insurance

Procedure for a family visa in Dubai

The Family visa procedure in Dubai is lengthy enough to make pains and aches your fate unless you got a reliable broker who is covering your back. Follow this procedure to get your hands on the family visa UAE:

  • Go to a typing center with copies of all the documents and get a typed-up application form. You have to pay a fee per family member, excluding the typing charges.
  • To get the visa approved, submit the application form, entry visa copy, medical certificate, and all other documents at (GDRFA) the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai.
  • If your partner is not in the country at the time of application, as soon as they get an entry permit and arrive in UAE, it is mandatory to complete medical tests, visa stamping, and Emirates ID procedures. This should be done within 60 days from the date of entry.
  • After completing the procedure, you need to change the status of the family member’s visa from temporary to residency without exiting the UAE. You have to pay an amount for changing the status.
  • The family member for whom you want to apply for a residence visa now needs basic medical insurance according to UAE Law, so get documents sorted for that as well.


Once you have received the entry permit, you can either send your wife the original entry permits or send a copy and deposit the original at the immigration office of the airport they will be arriving at.
After your wife and children arrive in the UAE, you will need to take them to get a UAE residence visa within 60 days of their arrival. The same documents will be needed to apply for the residence visa that you needed while applying for the entry permit.

An important point to keep in mind is that the residence partner visa in Dubai only remains valid until he/she is not out of UAE for more than six months at a stretch.

The residence visa remains valid for three years. After this time period, you will need to apply for a Family visa renewal Dubai. The process is similar to getting a new visa.

The validity period of a family residence visa in the UAE

The family visa for Dubai is valid for 2-3 years with renewable programs. It’s the individual’s responsibility to renew it before 30 days of expiry; otherwise, you’ve to follow a comprehensive procedure. You have to keep in mind that a family visa depends on the sponsor’s visa. If the sponsor’s visa expires, the family visa will also be to no avail. In order to avoid family visa cancellation in Dubai, you can count on the services of Docman.

Whom can you sponsor for a family visa in the UAE?

If you’re a male and making your living in Dubai on a residence visa, then it’s easy for you to invite your family members. Here are some of the following ones whom you can sponsor for a family visa:


You can sponsor your wife for a family visa. If you’re a Muslim and have two wives, then you’ve to meet some requirements set out by GDRFA.


You can sponsor your sons for a family visa in UAE if they are 18 or less; otherwise, they’ll have to meet some requirements. If they are students and above 18, you can still sponsor them.


You can sponsor your daughters for the family visa only if they’re unmarried.


You can sponsor your parents for a family visa in UAE by fulfilling the government’s requirements.


You can invite your stepchildren to Dubai only if you have got a NOC from their biological parents. Their visa will be valid only for a year with renewable programs.

Family Visa Services by Docman: A Reliable Platform

If you want to save both your time and money from the hassle mentioned above procedures prone to family visa cancellation, allow Docman to save your day. We, with the help of our experienced staff, whether you want to get a new Family visa in Dubai or want a family visa renewal in Dubai, we can make this mind-boggling procedure a piece of cake for you. If you’re worried about the family visa UAE price, then don’t panic. We offer sophisticated, timely, and worthwhile services. From family visa UAE cost to essential requirements, we’ll take care of them. With the only goal, which is your satisfaction, we try our genuine best to make our customers a part of this peaceful region.

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