Free Zone Business Setup in Dubai

Free Zone Business Setup in Dubai

Streamline Your Business Setup in Dubai Free Zones with Docman

Setting up a business in specifically designated economic zones that provide infrastructural, financial, and administrative benefits is a strategic move. Free zones can cater to a broad spectrum of business activities. Moreover, they may be customized for specific industries. Starting your business setup in Dubai free zone could be overwhelming. With the assistance of Docman, you can discover the most suitable option tailored to meet your unique business requirements. Docman specializes in aiding businesses in the incorporation process within over 50 UAE-free zones.

With a plethora of information to sift through and numerous factors to consider, such as business type, location, pricing, office space or flexi-desk options, bookkeeping, and auditing, choosing the ideal free zone for your specific business needs can be a daunting task. New business formation is a job that requires profound knowledge and prudent thinking about the procedures and marketplace involved. Our experienced team has the expertise and know-how to assist you in successfully setting up a freezone company in Dubai.


Steps for Setting up a Company in Dubai Free Zone

The Free Zone Authority in Dubai takes care of the paperwork for businesses that want to set up in Dubai. They give licenses to companies from other countries or ones owned by foreigners so they can start their businesses in free zones. Free zone company formation in Dubai provides lots of chances to connect and network with others, work together, and make the business grow. Dubai is a top choice for investors because of its tax rules and the perks given by the free zone authorities. The free zones in the United Arab Emirates play a big role in boosting the country’s economy. They encourage a lot of foreign investment, create job opportunities, and bring in new technology. These zones also contribute to more than half of the nation’s exports that do not involve oil. Because of this, the UAE is the third most important place in the world for re-exporting goods.


Choose Legal Structure

Decide if you want a Free Zone Establishment or a Free Zone Limited Liability Company. You can also opt for a branch office if necessary.


Select a Trade Name

Select a unique name for your organization. It should adhere to naming regulations and accurately represent your business activities.


Apply for the Dubai Free Zone License

Get prepared by collecting the mandatory documents. Choose specifically a license applicable to your business operations and proceed to apply for it.


Choose an Office Space

If required, identify a perfect office space that aligns with your business requirements.


Acquire the Relevant License & Approvals

Obtain pre-approvals, complete the company registration process, and obtain the official business license.

Once you have your business license, you need to give it, along with some other necessary papers, to the bank where you want to open your company account. Docman is one of the most trusted and competent business setup companies in Dubai that can help you with the entire process.


Documents Required

  • Visa Page Copy.
  • Passport Copy.
  • Passport-Sized Photographs.
  • 3 Trade Name Choices.
  • Application License Form.
  • Trading License that lets an entrepreneur do trading activities, like buying, selling, bringing in goods, and exporting a specific number of items.
  • General Trading Activities License has fewer rules. With it, you can trade all sorts of goods, although some special items may need an extra license.
  • Service License is necessary if a company or person wants to make money by offering services like advertising, consulting, running a beauty salon, accounting, or providing legal advice, they need to obtain a service license.
  • Industrial License allows your company to do everything related to processing, packaging, and producing specific goods or items. You may obtain these licenses from the Department of Economic Development.


Free Zone Company Advantages


Specialization in Specific Sectors

A key aspect that offers significant strategic advantages to Dubai free zone business setup is their sector-specific nature. This unique feature enables foreign investors and business proprietors to engage with and tap into the wealth of knowledge and expertise shared by other companies operating within the same industry.


In the Free Zones, businesses can hold 100 percent or full ownership without the need for local service agents. This is undoubtedly, a significant advantage for investors looking to start a business setup Dubai free zone.

Financial Benefits

  • A 0% corporate tax rate means that the company does not have to pay corporate taxes on its profits. This can lead to substantial cost savings for businesses.
  • A 0% income tax rate implies that individuals within the company may not be subjected to income taxes on their earnings.
  • The absence of duty on imports and exports can reduce the overall cost of goods for businesses involved in international trade.
  • The ability to repatriate 100 percent of profit and capital means that businesses can freely transfer their funds in and out of the Free Zone without facing restrictions.


Docman is Always at Your Service

As a certified consultant for business setup companies in Dubai, Docman provides comprehensive services for a smooth business establishment process. In addition to facilitating business setup in Dubai’s free zones, Docman also offers expert guidance for offshore and mainland company formations. Rely on us to guide you through the intricacies of registering your business, leveraging our established reputation and deep industry knowledge. Many businesses seek optimal assistance when planning to initiate operations in the United Arab Emirates. Docman serves as the ideal platform to guide you throughout the process.

Our team comprises skilled and approachable business setup consultants, specializing in Business Formation. We will be assisting you in selecting the ideal license for your industry. We provide comprehensive solutions for queries related to registration, business setup, finances, and more. Docman stands out as a highly reputed firm, simplifying the process of establishing a new company for entrepreneurs. We offer professional guidance on how to commence ventures within the dynamic city Dubai and most importantly, the free zones. Call us today!

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