Investor Visa in Dubai

Investor Visa in Dubai

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Dubai is a major trading hub that has attracted many foreign investors over the last few years. For individuals who wish to invest or put up a business in Dubai, they can apply for a partner visa or investor visas in Dubai and other parts of the UAE.

What is an investor visa?

A UAE investor visa is a type of visa that allows a foreign investor to enter, stay, get involved in business activities by either owning land or investing in already existing companies. It is a pass that permits the investor to perform different business activities. An investor visa in short is an employment visa based on investment.

Investor visa also known as partner visa is issued by the Ministry of UAE for a duration of 3 years. This Visa is same like the employment visa but it doesn’t require any labour contract.

New Rules for Investment Visa in Dubai

Earlier, the residence visa was provided for as long as for three years. According to a new rule launched this year, an investor can now own 100 percent shares of their companies in Dubai along with, the investor visa in Dubai for 10 years. The 10-year residency visa will be granted for investors and specialists in technical, medical, and research fields, along with scientists and innovators. The visa will also cover the families of the visa holder.

Earlier, only companies based in various free zones around the UAE were eligible for the 100 percent ownership. According to new rules foreign companies will be allowed to own 100 percent of their business in the UAE outside free zones. This rule provided a major relief from the rule that considered an UAE partner with a majority stake as mandatory.

Benefits of Dubai Investor Visa

  • 100% returns of investments and profits
  • No corporate taxes
  • The investor can hire international recruits
  • The visa validity can be elongated
  • With UAE Investor Visa obtaining a residence visa become easy
  • Flexibility to hold an Emirates ID
  • With having an investor visa its easy to open a corporate bank account in UAE

How to apply for an Investor Visa in Dubai, UAE

To apply for a UAE investor visa, one should meet the government’s eligibility criteria. For more information on getting an investor visa in Dubai, you can reach us for expert advice on acquiring a visa.

If the investor needs to invest in an existing business or a company or should buy a property along with owning a minimum amount in his bank account. He can then apply for a free trade zone license. For the UAE investor visa, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Entry Visa
  • Issuance of Visa
  • Medical Checkup
  • Emirates ID
  • Visa Stamping

Documents Required

  • For Entry Visa Copy of PassportPhotograph for Visa ApplicationCopy of Memorandum of Association (for LLC)Trade License CopyPartner’s List (for LLC)Copy of Service Agent Contract (for a professional license)Copy of Partnership Contract (for a professional license)Emirates ID of other partnersImmigration Establishment Card copyBank Statement for the last 6 months
  • For Medical checkup Typed applicationPassport copiesVisa copiesTwo photographs with white background
  • For Visa Stamping One photograph with white backgroundTyped Emirates ID formOriginal VisaOriginal Medical CertificateOriginal PassportImmigration Establishment CardLLC AgreementPartner’s List CopyLicense copy (commercial, industrial, professional)

How to obtain an Investment Visa in Dubai

To start with the Dubai visa procedure, first, you have to fill up the investor visa application with the relevant documents. You also have to pay the application cost.

The second step includes getting an investor visa. A visa will soon be emailed to you. After getting the visa you have to travel to the UAE and proceed with further requirements. If an individual is already in UAE, he has to apply for an application for visa amendment and has to pay extra fees.

The investor has to get a medical examination done. The medical tests will help you in proceeding with the further steps as you will need to provide the medical checkup results to get a valid investor visa.

Along with this procedure, a process of Emirates ID will also run. The Emirates ID is essential for investors as it acts as their identification.

The last step includes visa stamping. This entails the process where the visa is stamped on the passport.

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