Mainland Business Setup in Dubai

Mainland Business Setup in Dubai

Unlock Your Dubai Mainland Business Setup Potential with Docman

Are you considering expanding your business and establishing a business setup in Dubai mainland? At Docman, our team of experienced consultants can assist you in the process of forming a company in Dubai and across the entire UAE. We ensure that you retain control of your business. Allow us to guide you in selecting the optimal corporate structure for your venture. In addition to company setup, we provide support with security documents to guarantee 100 percent profits. You will exercise complete control over your organization. You have the liberty to make all business and operational decisions and hold all voting rights relating to the organization. Docman has successfully assisted numerous business owners from the United States of America, Asia, the United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, and numerous other nations in establishing mainland business setups in Dubai. We always focus our attention on tailoring our services to meet their precise business needs.


Steps Involved in Mainland Company Formation Dubai

Mainland firms in the Emirates experience nearly unrestricted trading prospects. Investors engaging in mainland companies in the UAE gain entry not only to the domestic market, but also to the international marketing arena. According to the 2021 Commercial Companies Law amendments, you can consider establishing the following forms of mainland companies here.

  • General Partnership Company or Joint Liability Companies
  • Liability Limited Companies
  • Private Joint Stock Companies
  • Public Joint Stock Companies
  • Simple Limited Liability Partnership Companies

According to the ‘Commercial Companies Law 2021’, if a company fails to choose one of the above-mentioned forms, it won’t be valid. So, it is really important to get the right advice when you are considering a mainland company formation in Dubai. It can be quite overwhelming to start a business here, without expert guidance and complete knowledge of the business scenario, rules, and regulations.Schedule an appointment with Docman’s expert business setup team to assist you every step of the way.

To initiate a Dubai mainland business setup, investors must register their company either in the Emirate mainland or any free zone. By opting for a mainland business here, you can experience various advantages. You can enjoy maximum flexibility and liberty for smooth business development and successful operations. The Department of Economic Development issues a Mainland License for the Emirate in question. Many foreign investors are very much interested in forming mainland companies because of the following reasons.

  • No personal income tax and the Value Added Tax can be pretty low at 5 percent.
  • Mainland companies can operate freely in the UAE business circuit including free zones, and also, internationally.
  • Visas are typically limited by workspace, not a specific number.
  • There are over 2000 business activities allowed for mainland licenses, covering commercial, industrial, trading, and professional spheres.

Docman has the experience and the proficiency to assist you in getting the Dubai mainland license and other business setup-associated documents without any hassles.

Documents, Criteria

For company formation in Dubai UAE, all businesses need one of three types of licenses:


Commercial License

For trading all kinds of products. It is a general license for operating commercial establishments. It is issued for trading organizations dealing with imports and exports.


Professional License

For businesses offering specific skills or services, such as artisans or craftsmen.


Industrial licenses

These licenses are issued to companies involved in manufacturing specific items or performing industrial activities.

The DED or Department of Economic Development issues these business-oriented licenses. However, some businesses may need additional approvals from specific departments or ministries. Here are a few examples of ministries that issue licenses and approvals for specific business activities.

  • The Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs is responsible for generating approvals for bringing workforce and setting up Nursery Schools.
  • Ministry of Industry issues all kinds of Industrial Licenses
  • The Ministry of Health issues approvals and licenses for setting up pharmacies, private clinics, hospitals, medical labs, medicine stores, medical centers, massage centers, opticians, etc. and more.
  • The Department of Civil Aviation issues licenses for businesses dealing with travel & tourism. Flight training institutes, air cargo firms, plane rental services, air survey agencies, etc.
  • Chamber of Commerce & Industry issues approvals for industrial exhibitions and fairs.
  • The Securities Commission issues licenses for setting up stock trading firms.
  • The Central Bank of UAE is authorized to issue licenses to businesses in the money & banking sector. All banking businesses, investment, or financing agencies need bank approval to initiate a business in the UAE.

When it comes to owning a business:

  • For commercial activities, at least 51% of the shares must be owned by a UAE national.
  • But, for many professional activities, foreigners (Expats) can own 100% of the business.
  • A local service agent is needed, who does not actively participate in the business or share profits but represents the company in government matters.


Advantages of Acquiring a License for Mainland Business Setup in Dubai


Liberty to Start a Business Anywhere

Having the freedom to establish business setup and operate anywhere means you can do business without any restrictions on where you set up shop. Getting a Dubai mainland business setup License allows companies to trade within the UAE, in free zones, and even outside the nation.

Enjoy Greater Market Presence

Once you obtain a DED Mainland License, you can establish your physical company in your preferred location anywhere across the UAE. This helps in boosting your presence. This flexibility allows you to expand your organization’s presence by opening new branches across the nation.

Get the Opportunity to Partner with Governmental Organizations

Having a Mainland License also opens doors to working with government organizations. You can bid on government contracts for large high-risk projects, offering high-return or lucrative opportunities.

No Need to Face Currency Restrictions

Thanks to the Dubai mainland license, there are no restrictions imposed on currency. Companies have the right to fully repatriate funds from both their onshore and offshore bank accounts in the United Arab Emirates.

No Need to Encounter Visa Limitations

Mainland firms may expand their visa quotas without any specific restrictions or limitations as per the mainland license. In this context, extra physical space may be necessary at some point. However, scaling the business is relatively easier.

Unmatched Financial Feasibility

One of the chief benefits of starting a mainland company setup in Dubai is that entrepreneurs can enjoy unprecedented tax exemptions here. Moreover, it is noteworthy that no minimum capital is essential for establishing an organization once you acquire the Dubai mainland license.

Docman Goes the Extra Mile

We provide extensive consultation and assistance for mainland business setup in Dubai. Additionally, we offer expert guidance for navigating freezone and offshores business setups, ensuring comprehensive support for all your Dubai business need. We bring years of experience to the table when it comes to, establishing businesses across the city. With our in-depth knowledge, experience, and proficiency, you can expect top-notch advice. Our agents make obtaining industry, business, or trade licenses seamless and hassle-free. If you plan on staying here for an extended period, a residency visa is essential. Our expert agents can secure it for you swiftly. Call us today!

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