Municipality Service

Municipality Service

Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality offers services to its population in the city. Its work includes planning and construction, environmental protection, maintenance of public parks, enduring quality in construction and building materials, Food items, and laboratory certifications.

Dubai Municipality started its operations in the early ’50s with an objective of developing a city that offers ‘’comfort of living”. Dubai Municipality has more than 15000 staff working in 32 units with a common vision of the development of Dubai. Dubai Municipality has already moved their services into e-services making it more accessible.


Dubai Municipality offers multiple services to three main sectors like Individual, businesses and government sectors.


These are Municipality services Dubai offers to its residents, citizens and visitors and business owners. Some of them are

  • Environment and Waste service Under this department an individual in Dubai can request for multiple licenses like fishing license, recreational fishing license, as well as one can request for waste collection or removal of agricultural waste. This department also deals in bulk waste transfer and providing and changing of waste container site in the city.
  • Lab testing and AccreditationThis includes services like testing food items, training in a central laboratory, testing consumer products, and hallmarking of gemstones.
  • Veterinary servicesThis department offers services including animal treatment, Animal registration and request to adopt a pet can be made.
  • Drainage and IrrigationThe main services offered under this section are Sewage withdrawal; disconnection of drainage and a permanent connection to sewage network provided by the Dubai Municipality services.
  • Land Planning and Building ServicesMunicipality services Dubai deals with various requests made for planning permits, issuing building completion certificate, inquire about violations of buildings etc.
  • Public Parks And AgricultureThis section offers services like the purchase of fertilizers, and agricultural pest’s control. It also offers Dubai public park membership cards.
  • Financial and Business ServicesThe main services that Dubai Municipality offers in this section are like an individual or business owner can request for issuing receipts, Dubai municipality fine enquiry, establishing a training lab, and request to purchase books.Another service offered from Dubai Municipality is Restaurant approval. Dubai Municipality services have a set of instructions that has to be followed to get restaurant approval. As the opening restaurant comes under business, a trade license has to be acquired for operating a restaurant.

Since the restaurant business deals with food and control of Dubai municipality service, a food license is issued by the food safety department.

Requirements for getting the food license are:

  • Copy of trade license
  • Blueprint of restaurant building marking,1. Entry and exit passages2. Food storage area

    3. Food processing area

    4. Ventilation

    5. Equipment placement inside the restaurant.

  • Along with this, some guidelines are to be followed such as the restaurant should be fireproof and washable.
  • The kitchen area should be380 sq.ft.
  • A separate area for frozen items to be stored
  • The cold and hot water system should be installed.

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