Offshore Business Setup in Dubai

Offshore Business Setup in Dubai

Dubai Offshore Company Setup with Docman

Are you considering offshore company setup in Dubai? If you are a foreign business person, Dubai offshore company is undoubtedly the most attractive destination to start your business. It has great infrastructure, a good location, no stress of corporate taxes, an easy setup process, government policies that give you freedom, and a diverse economy. We are the most trusted and renowned offshore business setup consultants. Our expert team at Docman can guide you through entirely legitimate and legal methods to set up your business globally, allowing you to grasp the extensive benefits ranging from cost savings to asset protection.
With our assistance and the guidance of licensed professionals, you may explore similar avenues for your business. Establishing a UAE offshore company or relocating your organization to a foreign jurisdiction can be a crucial step in safeguarding your corporate assets from legal action. Moreover, you can capitalize on global tax advantages, and expand your business globally. Engaging in offshore business is not about evading taxes or hiding money from the government. It involves organizing your affairs to make the most of international regulations and laws available to those who wish to use them legally.
We are a top-notch service for setting up a company in Dubai, and we are licensed and registered. Our help can save you time, effort, and money. You can establish an offshore company from anywhere in the world with our assistance. You would not have to stress about yearly upkeep, paperwork, having an official office, opening a bank account that deals with multiple currencies, or any other services needed to run an offshore company seamlessly.


Steps for Offshore Company Setup in Dubai

Dubai offshore company setups are legal businesses established to work outside their home area. Usually, people use these companies for financial and global business activities like trading, investing, and online selling. These businesses benefit from the favorable laws existing in the Emirates, like low taxes, full ownership for foreign companies, and a modern business environment. Setting up a company in Dubai Offshore comes with global recognition, low costs, tax benefits, and business confidentiality. If you are ready to enjoy these advantages, there are legal steps you need to follow for seamless offshore company formation in Dubai.


Choose a Company Name

Recommend three names for your company. The name should align with your business activities and avoid including country, city, or continent names. The registration authorities will finalize the name.


Specify Business Activity

Decide on the type of business you are planning to start. You may choose from trading, consultancy, professional services, and more. Your chosen activity will determine the precise business license required.


Confirm Ownership Structure

Select the structure of your business, including principals, directors, and shareholders. For offshore company formation in Dubai UAE, you need at least, a couple of directors and a shareholder.


Furnish Relevant Documents

Submit the necessary documents along with your application for business approval. This step will also result in the issuance of your MOA, Certificate of Incorporation, and Share Certificates.


Bank Account Opening

Gather the required documents to apply for your bank account. You may present bank statements, passport copies, and duly filled-in bank forms. The form you need to fill out has details about the money you plan to invest. It asks for your full name, where you live, how many shares you want to buy, and their value. You can choose if you want to be in charge yourself or pick someone else. Send the form with the company’s plans and rules.


Documents, Criteria

  • Passport copies for the shareholders & directors.
  • Last three months’ Proof of Address
  • Reference letter from your bank.
  • A brief Curriculum Vitae or Bio-Data of shareholders
  • Share Certificate
  • Company’s registration certificate


Advantages of Offshore Business Setup in Dubai


No Bookkeeping Hassles

An offshore company does not have to keep detailed financial records. You do not need to share your company’s financial info with the government via forms and audits.

No Shareholder Presence Required

Shareholders need not be in the United Arab Emirates physically, and a visa is not mandatory. They can manage the company without being present.

No Visa Hassles

You do not need a visa for an offshore company here. This means no worries about visa expenses and renewals because a physical office is not required.

No Local Business Requirements

Since the company operates outside the Emirates, you don’t need to conduct business within the country. Your business is not tied to any specific location.

No Physical Office Needed

It is not mandatory to have a specific physical office space. It is because your business-related tasks are conducted outside the jurisdiction where the company is registered.

Docman: The Most Trusted Offshore Business Setup Consultants

We are a top-notch advisory and consulting agency with a wealth of experience. We have been successfully helping entrepreneurs globally with immaculate corporate and international business solutions. We have the proficiency to facilitate a smooth business journey. Our customer service is unmatched because we always prioritize our clients. We tailor our services to exactly what you need. We offer all the services required for setting up a business in Dubai, UAE. Our team of expert business setup consultants can help you set up businesses in Mainland, Offshore locations, and Free Zones.

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