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The Different Types of Visas Available for Spouses in Dubai

Different Types of Visas Available for Spouses in Dubai

There are various kinds of visas that individuals can apply for. But if you are already in Dubai and want to invite your spouse then Spouse Visa Dubai is for you. Which you can get in different types. This is especially true for family visas. These also include tourist and dependent visas as well as resident visas. However, some things you need to know about Spouse Visas before applying. This blog will highlight the visas that allow you to call your spouse in Dubai. In addition, we will also shed the light on fines for overstaying in Dubai. So let us move on:


Dependency Visas

Dependency visas are a means for professionals or students to bring their families to their new homes. These family members can include spouses, children, domestic workers, or parents. The process is similar to the one for a personal visa.

To sponsor Spouse Visa Dubai, you must meet a few requirements. First, you must have an entry permit. You can get an E-visa, or apply for an out-of-country status change at the airport.

After you have acquired an entry permit, you have sixty days to apply for your dependent residence visa. This allows you to sponsor your family visa renewal Dubai, but you must also complete a medical test. Those who are medically unfit will not receive a residence visa.

Applicants must prove that they have enough income to support their dependents. For example, if you are sponsoring your wife, she must be earning at least 4,000 dirhams per month. She must also have a two-bedroom apartment.

In addition, you must have a bank guarantee of AED 3,050. Besides, you must pay the necessary family visa cost in Dubai and submit your original passport.


Visa for Muslims Spouses

This type of visa is specifically for those who are Muslim and have multiple marriages. That means you can sponsor both your spouses for Spouse Visa Dubai. Dubai, being an Islamic country, this law is famous as a special gift for Muslim couples all over the world. However, if you are not a Muslim, you cannot bring two wives to Dubai at the same time.

Moreover, if you want, you can apply for a spouse visa renewal Dubai. Its procedure is exactly the same as for getting it for the first time. That is, from medical to fees. Each process will apply.


Residence Visas

The UAE government has made a change to its family visa rules. They introduced a new rule in October 2018. It allows the widows of UAE citizens to stay in the country without a sponsor for a year.

However, there are still some requirements. In order to obtain a residence visa, you must complete the medical fitness test and pay the spouse visa Dubai cost. You must also provide a no-objection certificate from your biological parent and a No Objection Certificate from your sponsor.

Aside from the required documents, you may also want to pay a security deposit. This will help you avoid overstay penalties.

Before you apply for your residence visa, make sure to bring all the necessary documents. These will allow you to have a smooth experience. For instance, a digital photograph is required.

In addition, you must have a marriage certificate that has been certified by an embassy in your home country. Make sure of the Arabic translation of the certification.


Fines for Overstaying the Expiry Date

An overstay visa is a type of visa that allows you to stay in the UAE for longer than the validity period. This is a criminal offense in the United Arab Emirates and can result in fines or imprisonment. It is important to check your overstay status and pay any necessary fees before leaving the country.

In the past year, the government of the UAE has extended the time frame for a grace period for residents to leave the country. However, overstaying after six months without a valid reason is still a crime. You can save from overstaying fines for applying for spouse visa renewal Dubai before the time.

There are many motivations behind why individuals exceed their visas. Some of them include flight cancellations and changes in employment. If you are considering overstaying, you may want to consult an immigration lawyer.


In the past, overstaying was punishable by Dhs100 per day. The new penalty system has reduced the overstay fine to Dhs50 per day. These penalties apply to both residents and visitors.

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