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Top 7 Benefits of Child Visa Dubai

Top 7 Benefits of Child Visa Dubai

Child Visa Dubai offers fantastic chances to bring kids to Dubai easily and without hassle. Every immigrant parent is very eager to bring his or her children to Dubai. The process for applying for a visa, however, can be quite lengthy. You must complete specific requirements outlined by the UAE government in order to submit an application for a children’s visa in Dubai. In this blog, I will outline the sponsoring Child Visa Dubai, the Rolling Administration, and the advantages of the Dubai children’s visa. In addition, you will have an idea of how the visa application process is greatly streamlined.


A Brief Introduction of Child Visa Dubai

When applying for a Child in Dubai, you will need to provide certain documents to prove your intention to sponsor your child. You must also submit an Arabic translation of your child’s birth certificate. If you do not have a copy in Arabic, you will need to get a translation done by the UAE Embassy. A copy of your tenancy or accommodation rental agreement is also required. You must also provide a salary certificate from the sponsor. Finally, you need a color passport photo of your child. It must show a different white background on the child’s face, ears, and forehead.


Sponsoring a Child in Dubai

The process of sponsoring a child in Dubai requires a number of documents. These documents are usually in the original form and attested by the sponsor. The sponsor’s salary must be at least Dh3000 per month, plus any applicable accommodation charges. However, if the sponsor is a government employee, he or she is exempt from this requirement.

The child’s birth certificate must indicate who the sponsor is. Ideally, the child’s sponsor is the father. However, if the father has lost his job or otherwise is unable to sponsor his or her child, the mother may also sponsor the child. If the child is under the age of 18, a parent residing in the UAE may sponsor it. University students, however, may not be sponsored under the UAE’s rules.

If you are a single mom and wish to sponsor a child in the UAE, you can do so by presenting your divorce certificate, and custody certificate as well as other required documents. You can also sponsor your parents for Parents Visa Dubai. You will be required to follow certain procedures, including an attestation of these documents by the UAE embassy in your home country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE. In addition, all documents must translate into Arabic.


Benefits of Child Visa Dubai

The following list outlines the advantages of the Dubai children’s visa.

  1. There is no age restriction for sponsoring daughters, which is a great move by UAE authorities. Girls are permitted to stay on their father’s visa for as long as they would like.
  2. After their child visas expire, the Dubai government gives children a grace period of 30 days to remain in the city.
  3. The validity of the Dubai children’s visa is amazing and a significant benefit.
  4. Your children must refrain from spending more than six months outside of the UAE in order to keep their visas valid.
  5. Regardless of the age of your child, you can find excellent public and private schools in Dubai. The Ministry of Education and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority supervise these schools. They are subject to strict regulations and must follow national policies.
  6. Due to medical insurance, your children in Dubai get world-class medical treatment.
  7. In Dubai, Child Visa Renewal Dubai is a very simple process. If your child’s residence visa expires on that day, you must apply for renewal as soon as possible. You must prepare the following documents if you want to renew your child’s passport.
  • Valid residence visa of the sponsor
  • Renewed ID card issued by ICA
  • Original receipt of registration
  • Insurance card


Rolling Administration

The UAE is offering new benefits for families with children. Under the new policy, a parent can sponsor a son or daughter who is under 18 years old. The visa fee will be waived for children who are dependents of UAE residents. The new policy also benefits children with disabilities. It makes it easier for parents to bring their children to the UAE.

Applicants can apply for a Child Visa UAE for one, two, or three years. The child’s residence permit links to the sponsor’s residence permit. The sponsor does not need to place any bank deposits. The process of applying for a child visa in Dubai is the same as for fresh visas.


The UAE government recently approved a resolution allowing foreign students to bring family members to study in the country. The UAE government is encouraging families to relocate to the UAE, as it supports the education sector and reinforces the country’s position as a global destination. A UAE expatriate employee who is working in a UAE university or institution may sponsor his or her child for up to a year. A parent’s No-objection certificate will also be required for the child visa Dubai.

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