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What are Top Categories and Benefits Golden Visa?

UAE Golden Visa Stamp

If you are not one of the lucky few born with UAE citizenship, do not despair- there are ways to get a legal residency in the country. One such way is through the UAE Golden Visa program, which offers five or ten-year residence permits to investors, entrepreneurs, and talented or in-demand specialists. While it may not be full citizenship, it is a start- and with any luck, you may be able to extend your stay even further. So if you are looking for a way to live and work in the UAE, keep your eye on the Golden Visa program. It just might be your ticket to a new life. However, many of us are not exactly know about Golden visa Dubai, its categories, and its benefits. Therefore, in this blog, I am going to discuss such things. Let us move on to the detail:


What is Golden Visa Dubai?

The UAE Golden Visa is a special type of residence permit that can be obtained in exchange for investing at least 500,000 AED into the country’s economy. There are two different types: ten-year and five-year permits, which depend on your desired stay duration as an investor/entrepreneur or retiree respectively. They are both worthwhile though because each has its own set of advantages.  Following categories under which you can get Golden Visa Dubai:

  • Investors
  • Engineers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startup Owners
  • Outstanding students
  • Frontline & humanitarian pioneers
  • Specialized talents & researchers in a variety of scientific and knowledge disciplines

Above categories under which you can be eligible for a Dubai visa. According to these seven categories, you can definitely qualify under anyone. Now let us see which of them are for five-year and which are for ten-year visas.


Five Years UAE Golden Visa

A 5-year visa is a great way to live and work in the UAE as a skilled professional, exceptional talent or freelancer. It also makes sense if you are self-employed because it will be easier for your business since there is no need to go through all those annoying processes every time someone wants something from outside sources.

1. Real Estate Investors

If you are looking to invest in real estate, this visa is perfect. It only applies if your investment reaches AED 5 million or more and includes off-plan properties as well. The requirements are that the property is not loaned (it cannot go towards paying back any loans). Retaining its title for at least 3 years minimum. In addition, most importantly, making sure, these visas do not expire before their time.

2. Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur looking for permanent residency and the chance to start something new, then this may be just what has been missing in life thus far. The UAE offers Golden Visa programs specifically designed for entrepreneurs like yourself who want nothing more than freedom from their day-to-business responsibilities.

So that they might focus on growing said company or GhostBusiness startup. All it takes are AED 500K worth of initial investments into projects, and most importantly: approval by both official recognizes. Entrepreneur applicants are required to obtain a multi-entry visa for a period of six months, and afterward, renew it for an additional six months.

3. Students

To be eligible for a student visa, you must have at least an 85% average in either public or private secondary school, and once graduated from university with high grades (GPA of 3.75).


Ten Years UAE Golden Visa


1. Individuals with Specialized Talents

You may be able to immigrate with your talents in one of these fields if you are not already living abroad. Individuals who have specialized skills like doctors, scientists, and investors will find that they can apply under the “specialized talent” category without having investments or any other assets here with some restrictions.

2. Foreign Investors

It is known that those who want to apply golden visa UAE for a 10-year residency, must have at least 10 million dirhams (about $2.7 million) worth of investments, and 60% can be invested into real estate. The amount cannot go towards a loan nor will it ever retain less than 3 years. However, if your business partner contributes another AED10 million then they will qualify too.


Benefits of UAE Golden Visa

However, UAE golden visa price are a bit high, but the benefits are huge. The UAE golden visa near me offers many benefits for both you and your family. For example, the visa holder can sponsor children until they turn 25 years old. An increase from previous rules that limited sponsorship at 18+/ years! As well as this increased residence permit granted to any dependent regardless of whether it’s a child or not (with some exceptions). Businesses also get full ownership over their companies even when living outside of United Arab Emirates territory. Still under overall control via holding joint ventures with locals. While maintaining 98% autonomy regarding operations & policies, which means high profits, yet low risks involved.

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