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UAE Parents Visa: Answering all the top questions

UAE Parents Visa: Answering all the top questions

Living in a foreign country as an expat doesn’t mean that you’ll need to be away from your family. With a UAE parents visa, you can easily bring your parents on a UAE Residence Visa.


Answering all the top questions regarding Parents Visa


1. I live and work in the UAE. Can I also bring my parents to the UAE on a residence visa?

Yes. Anyone with a valid UAE Residence Visa can sponsor a Residence Visa for their parents.


2. What are the eligibility criteria?

Below are the conditions you must meet in order to be eligible to sponsor a UAE Residence Visa for your parents:

  1. Have a valid UAE Residence Visa.
  2. Must also provide proof that you’re the sole support for your parents and there’s no one to take care of them, back in your home country.
  3. You must also be earning a minimum salary of AED 20,000 per month or AED 18,000 per month plus a two-bedroom accommodation.
  4. Pay a deposit to the respective immigration department as a guarantee.
  5. Purchase a medical insurance policy for your parents


3. What documents will I need for a Parents Visa?

Below is the list of documents you’ll need for Parents Residence Visa Dubai:

  1. A typed application form. This should be typed from registered typing centers.
  2. Original passport of your parents
  3. Original passport of the sponsor
  4. Emirates ID of the sponsor
  5. Company/Personal Bank Statement for the last six months, MOA, copy for the trade license (If the sponsor is on a Partner/Investor Visa).
  6. Valid salary certificate of the sponsor (if employed by a government/semi-government or a free zone company).
  7. Sponsor’s valid labor contract (if working in the private sector).
  8. A copy of the registered tenancy contract or EJARI.
  9. Recent electricity bill (If the sponsor owns the house).
  10. Passport-size photos of parents
  11. Consanguinity certificate. This should be obtained from the respective consulate and duly attested by the MoFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and the UAE Government.


4. What’s the process to apply for a UAE Parents Visa?

Below is the step-by-step process you’ll need to follow to apply for a UAE Parents Visa: 

  1. You’ll first need to apply for an entry visa for your parents at the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs) with all the required documents. This is the visa that your parents will use to enter the UAE and you’ll then have 60 days to get their UAE Residence Visa sorted.
  2. The approval committee will either accept or reject your application within 2 weeks of submission.
  3. If your parents are already in the UAE, then you’ll need to apply for a change status (instead of an entry permit).
  4. You’ll then need to visit any registered typing center to pay the fees and complete the application form.
  5. Then, go for your parents’ medical fitness test at any government-approved healthcare facility.
  6. You can then submit all the requested documents to the immigration office.
  7. Then, receive a notification confirming the approval of your Parents Visa in UAE.
  8. Finally, go to the immigration office for visa stamping.
  9. Receive your stamped passport via EMPOST/ZAJEL within 48 hrs.


5. What are the medical test requirements?

Every applicant above the age of 18 has to go through a medical fitness test, in order to apply for a UAE visa for parents. Your parents will be tested for HIV and Tuberculosis as well. They will have to pass the medical fitness test for approval of the visa.


6. What’s the validity of the Parents Visa?

Parents Visa Dubai is valid for one year.


7. Is it also possible to renew the UAE Parents Visa?

Yes, you can renew your parents residence visa once it expires. You’ll have 30-days to renew the visa.


8. Is it compulsory to sponsor mother and father together? Or can I apply only for my mother’s residence visa?

No. As per the new regulations, you must sponsor your mother and father together.

In cases where the sponsor’s parents are divorced or one of them is deceased, they can apply for the visa by showing documentary proof.

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