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UAE Residence Visa Renewals: 4 most popular types

UAE Residence visas & passport

UAE Residence Visa Renewals are usually valid for from 1 to up to 5 years before they have to be renewed. Nonetheless, UAE Residence Visa Renewals as many times as you want. The validity periods of the visas are usually dependent on the issuing zone or the circumstances under which they were issued.

To make the UAE Residence Visa Renewals process breeze for you, we have listed below all the essential info for the 4 most popular types of visa renewal in Dubai.


1. Wife Visa Renewal Dubai


The Sponsor (in this case, the Husband) is usually the one responsible for applying and paying the cost of visa renewal for the dependent (in this case, the wife). This visa is usually valid for about 2 years. A 30-day grace period is offered after its expiration during which applicants can apply for renewal.


Wife Visa Documents required


  • Original Passport of the wife
  • Original Passport of the sponsor
  • Visa page of sponsor
  • Labour card or ID of the sponsor
  • Recent Passport-size Photograph of wife
  • Labour contract or Salary certificate of sponsor (If employed by a private or government firm)
  • Photocopy of Health Insurance Card
  • Copy of Emirates ID
  • Tenancy Contract or Accommodation agreement attested through Ejari online system
  • Original Medical Test report of wife from an authorized medical center


Wife Visa Procedure Dubai

1) To apply for a wife visa renewal in Dubai, you’ll first need to fill out the Emirates ID form. This can be done online on or you can hire a PRO to complete this process on your behalf.

2) Once you complete your application for Emirates ID, you’ll be required to undergo a medical test. You’ll be tested for HIV & Tuberculosis (TB).

This test must be carried out at a government-run medical fitness center.

3) According to a recent rule, Emirates ID cards will be used for verification of UAE Residency, instead of resident stickers.

Once you receive your medical fitness certificate, you can apply for your resident visa renewal either online or at an authorized typing facility.

If you completed the procedure online, your passport will be picked up from the address you mentioned by the registered courier service.

If the procedure was completed at an immigration center, you can submit your passport at the center’s kiosk.

 4: After your visa application has been approved, you’ll receive your passport with the visa sticker on it. This will be shipped by the approved courier company.


2. Child Visa Renewal Dubai


Child Visa renewal Dubai generally applies to children under the age of 18. For daughters above the age of 18, the sponsor (parent) will need to submit a confirmation letter in Arabic that she is still unmarried. For sons above 18, renewal only applies until they have graduated from school.


Child Visa Procedure Dubai

The Procedure for Child Renewal Visa Dubai is similar to that of the Spouse Visa Renewal. It starts with filling out the Application form at a Typing center/online. Afterward, the sponsor brings the necessary documents to the GDRFA. The visa is then renewed, after the review of the documents submitted.


Child Visa Documents required


  • Passport of the Child
  • Passport of the sponsor
  • Visa page of the sponsor
  • Labour card and Labour contract of the sponsor, if the sponsor is a Government worker
  • Salary Certificate of the sponsor, if employed by a private firm (in Arabic)
  • Medical Test report (if Child is above 18) with the test to be taken at a Government-run Medical center
  • Copy of Health Insurance card
  • Copy of Emirates ID card or the receipt/application form stamped by ICP (Application can be made at the typing center as well)
  • A contract of Accommodation or rental agreement attested by the Ejari RERA online system


3. Parents’ Residence Visa renewal Dubai

The Parents Residence Visa Dubai is usually valid for one year and thus needs to be renewed.


Parents Visa Procedure Dubai

The application procedure is quite similar to that of Wife Visa Renewal in Dubai.

Parents are also required to take a medical fitness exam, results of which have to be submitted during the application.


Parents Visa Documents required

  • Parent’s Passports
  • Parents’ Medical Insurance Card
  • Emirates ID
  • Sponsor’s passport
  • Sponsor’s IBAN (Bank Statement)
  • Ejari Electricity Certificate or Tenancy Contract
  • Salary Certificate or Labour Agreement
  • Affidavit from consulate stating sponsor is responsible for his/her parent’s well-being

It’s important to also note, that to be eligible for renewal, sponsors have to be earning a minimum of 20,000 AED monthly and should have at least a 2-bedroom Apartment.


4. Maid Visa Renewal Dubai

Maid Visa Renewal Dubai usually needs to be done on a yearly basis. The sponsor will be the one to apply for the visa renewal on behalf of the maid and pay the necessary renewal fees.

The Maid will have to be taken to an authorized medical center to undergo a fitness test for which a certificate will be issued.


Maid Visa Procedure Dubai

The renewal process for maid visas is the same as that of other UAE family visas mentioned above.


Maid Visa Required Documents

  • Maid’s passport and residence visa
  • Maid’s Emirate ID
  • 3 Passport photographs of maid
  • Copy of sponsor’s passport and residence visa
  • Sponsor’s employment contract/Salary certificate
  • Sponsor Ejari attested tenancy agreement
  • Copy of Sponsor’s Electric & Water bill
  • Maid’s Labour Contract showing salary
  • Maid’s medical certificate

It’s important to also note, that to be eligible for renewal, sponsors have to be earning a minimum of 20,000 AED monthly and should have at least a 2-bedroom Apartment.

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