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UAE Spouse Visa: Top FAQs about Spouse Visa Policy in Dubai

UAE Spouse Visa: Top FAQs about Spouse Visa Policy in Dubai

The majority of the population in the UAE is made up of foreigners, particularly its workforce. We have prepared this guide, to assist you in understanding the requirements and processes for obtaining a UAE spouse visa. The process of sponsoring a spouse in the UAE is simple under the most recent regulations if you fall within a certain income range.  Here are the answers to all of your queries regarding getting a spouse visa, and renewal. Let us move on:


Spouse Visa Dubai FAQs


What are the Eligibility Criteria for Sponsoring a Visa to Spouse In Dubai?

You must fulfill the requirements for sponsoring your spouse before submitting an application for a spouse visa.

  • Male foreigners should earn a minimum of AED 4,000 per month
  • Female expatriates must earn at least AED 8000 or AED 10,000 per month۔
  • If the female expatriate works as a teacher, doctor, or engineer, she needs to make at least 5000 AED per month.
  • All individuals over the age of 18 are required to have passed the medical fitness test, which includes an HIV and tuberculosis screening.


What is the Validity Period for Spouse Visa?

The family members who are sponsored will be given a residency visa, allowing them to reside and work in Dubai. The visa has a three-year validity period and is renewable, making it a great choice for people who want to live in the nation permanently or at least semi-permanently.


What is the Cost of a Spouse Visa Dubai?

Overall fees for a spouse visa in Dubai are almost AED 4k. The cost of processing and obtaining the visa, as well as any related expenses like medical testing or travel insurance, are all covered by this fee.


What are the Required Documents for Sponsoring the Spouse Visa in Dubai?

  • A fully completed application form and an attested copy of your salary certificate are provided by the free zone authorities if you work there. This certificate must be written in either English or Arabic.
  • A marriage certificate that has been attested by MOFA and the country of origin
  • Copies of the sponsor’s passport and visa page, and the wife’s passport
  • A three-month bank statement (with salary transaction)
  • Application for a visa
  • Passport-sized photos
  • A certificate of medical clearance
  • The lease agreement


What is the Process of Wife Visa Renewal Dubai?

The process of spouse visa renewal Dubai is almost the same. The following information is required if you want to renew your spouse’s visa.

  • Copy of spouse’s valid passport and valid visa for residence.
  • Old Emirates ID card
  • Bank statement (salary account)
  • Tenancy contract
  • Marriage certificate
  • Salary certificate of sponsor
  • Passport size photo


What is the Cancellation Process?

If you do want to cancel the spouse visa, you can only do so at an immigration office or an authorized typing center like Docman.

Usually, a cancellation request is approved within an hour. Nevertheless, your visa will not have a cancellation stamp on it. There are only two ways to get the cancellation stamp on a visa, though.

You can go either directly go to the immigration office or bring the applicant’s original passport and your cancellation copy to complete the process. Only the applicant’s original passport, the original ID, and an e-vision form are needed. Stay calm with Docman’s helps you get your Wife Visa Renewal Dubai processed without any hassle.


How a Visa Services Company can assist to get a Spouse Visa UAE?

You must submit all the necessary paperwork and applications to Docman, the best visa processing company, in order to obtain a new or renewed spouse visa. After receiving your records, they will use an online system to submit your visa application. Once you have been approved, you will get an email or SMS telling you where to go to get your visa stamped.


I have answered almost all of your concerned queries. Now, apply for spouse visa UAE is not so difficult. However, sometimes might be stressful with many paperwork and office visits repeatedly. That is why, here, we recommend Docman, the top visa processing company in Dubai.

Now, do not waste your time looking up various visa companies if you need a spouse visa in Dubai. You need only consult Docman with your supporting documentation to receive a stamped visa at your door. Stay calm with Docman’s dependable company and get your spouse visa Dubai processed without any hassle.

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