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UAE Visa: Your Guide to the UAE’s New Upcoming Visa Reforms

UAE Visa: Your Guide to the UAE’s New Upcoming Visa Reforms

There’s a lot to know if you want to apply for a UAE visa, but it may seem confusing with recent changes. These new changes actually expand your options for visas of all types.


How Have UAE Visas Changed?

The UAE government has implemented several new changes to visas, but you’re probably wondering what these new differences are. These changes apply to a variety of visa options, both for those seeking permanent residency, and tourists looking for a short-term stay.

The criteria for the ten-year Golden Visa UAE are now wider, and a new five-year visa has been implemented. These changes provide new options to those looking to obtain a residence visa Dubai.


Reforms to Visas for Tourists

Tourist visas are great for anyone looking to stay in the UAE on a short-term basis, but how have they changed? Previously, you could stay in the UAE for 30 days with a tourist visa. With the new updates, you can now stay for 60 days at a stretch.

For those who are frequent visitors, there is a five-year multi-entry visa. It allows up to 90 days in a country without a sponsor, and you can extend it for an additional 90 days. With this visa, you can stay in the UAE for 180 days at a stretch, without any exit required.

To apply for UAE visa with a 5-year validity, there are a few requirements including recent photographs taken against a white background (that must both be passport-sized and in color), proof of a bank balance of at least 4000 USD or equivalent currency (through a bank statement), photocopies of both the first and last pages of your passport, and evidence of UAE health insurance. Other things that may be required are proof of residence, a flight ticket copy, and a lease agreement or a hotel booking.


Permanent Residency Visas: What’s New?

In addition to changes for tourist visas, permanent residency visas have been modified too.


UAE Green Visa

This unique new option is perfect for those unable to apply for a visa through the more common method of a sponsor or employer. Another appealing aspect of this visa is that it can be extended to family members. But, knowing what this visa is for, there is also the question of its limitations.

This new type of visa does come with requirements in salary and a few other steps. These differ depending on which category you apply for it under. Here is how it works.

For those under the skilled worker’s category, it’s necessary to have a salary of at least AED 15,000, a valid employment contract, and hold a bachelor’s degree (or an equivalent or greater degree). Lastly, to qualify as a skilled employee, you must be classified within levels one, two, or three of UAE occupation skill levels.

Freelancers and self-employed people are eligible for this five-year visa too! However, there are some requirements for this. To apply, a freelancer or self-employed person will need to provide evidence of a bachelor’s the degree/specialized certification. They also need to show evidence of an annual income of equal to or more than AED 360,000. This should be generated entirely through freelancing. Alternatively, during their stay in the UAE they must prove their ability to meet their debts and financial obligations).

Employed individuals aren’t the only people eligible; investors also get the opportunity. As an investor, you should show proof of investment and gain approval from the government. When a Green Visa expires you can continue it through renewal, under the same terms as the original application.


UAE Golden Visa

Another option is the Golden Visa. It has existed for some time as a longer-term ten-year visa, but has recently been amended to apply to a larger variety of occupations and even to high-performing students. This makes it an option for more people than ever before. It also allows you to apply for a family visa UAE due to its ability to sponsor as many family members as you want for ten years.


Humanitarian Crisis Visa

A humanitarian crisis visa is another option for spouses of GCC citizens, parents or children of UAE citizens, and widowed mothers. It serves as a residency visa for people in these categories considered to be experiencing a humanitarian crisis.


UAE Visas Are Better Than Ever With New Changes

With the help of residence visa services Dubai like the Docman, you can further ease out the application process and expect quick and smooth approvals.

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