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UAE Work Visa Rules you need to know

UAE Work Visa Rules you need to know

UAE is not just a hub for tourism but also a land of job opportunities for ex-pats from all around the world. One of the major reasons why many ex-pats choose to live on and UAE work visa is its simple and smooth visa policies. This article will state all the essential information you would need when planning to legally work in the UAE.


What’s a Work Visa?

Work Visa is also commonly known as an employment visa. Anyone, who’s not a UAE citizen, has to obtain a work visa in order to legally work in the UAE.


Conditions set for a Dubai Work Visa

To be eligible for a Dubai Employment Visa, you and the company that hired you must meet the following conditions:

1: You must be above 18 years.

2: The company that hired you must have a valid license.

3: The hiring company shouldn’t be embroiled in any violation.

4: Your job responsibilities must be in line with the nature of the company sponsoring you.

5: There’s no age limit set for work visas. However, if the applicant is above 65 years of age, the sponsoring company pays a higher fee.

6: Have a valid passport with at least six months of validity.

7: Applicants are divided into 3 categories. This is based on their skill set or academic qualifications.


Category 1: This category includes those who at least hold a bachelor’s degree. This also includes professionals such as engineers, doctors, teachers, pharmacists, public relations officers, and computer operators.

Category 2: This category is for those holding a diploma (relevant to their field) and is mostly employed in mechanical or technical jobs.

Category 3: This category includes those who hold a high school qualification. This mostly includes cashiers, supervisors, store-keepers, tour guides, etc.


Is it possible to work in the UAE on a tourist/visit visa?

One important thing you should be aware of is that it is illegal to work in the UAE on a tourist or visitor visa. If you want to work in the UAE legally, you must hold a work permit UAE and a valid UAE Residence Visa.

If you work in the UAE without a valid work permit, you and your employer could face serious penalties.


What steps to complete before applying for a UAE Work Visa?

In order to start the application process for a UAE Work Visa. you’ll need to first get an employment entry permit. Once you have an entry permit, you’ll then apply for a UAE Residence Visa, and Emirates ID and then process with the UAE Work Visa application process.

Your employer can also team up with a visa company in Dubai to simplify the whole process.


How to obtain an Employment Entry Visa?

The first step in getting a work visa is to first apply for an employment entry visa, also known as a pink visa. Your sponsor (the company you’ll be working for) will apply for this visa on your behalf.

Your employer will have to apply for a visa quota approval on your behalf. This can be obtained by the Ministry of Labour (MOL).

Once done, your employer will then submit your signed employment contract to the Ministry of Labour (MOL).

Before issuing the pink visa, the ministry will first approve your work permit application. Once you have received the approval and employment entry visa, you have a duration of two months to enter the country.

Once you enter the UAE on a pink visa, your employer will have a period of 60 days to complete your UAE Residence Visa and Work Permit formalities.


Who can sponsor a UAE Work Visa?

The company that hired you will act as a sponsor for your UAE Work Visa.


List of documents required

Following is the list of documents you would need to apply for a UAE Work Visa:

1: Passport-size photos

2: Copy of your passport

3: Emirates ID

4: Entry Permit

5: Results of your Medical Fitness Test

6: A copy of the commercial license of the company sponsoring you

7: Job Offer from a UAE-based company


What exactly is a medical fitness test?

To obtain a Dubai Work Visa, you’ll need to pass a medical fitness test. This is an important part of the Dubai Work Visa requirements. You’ll be tested for HIV and Tuberculosis.


How long does it take to process a Dubai Work Visa?

The processing time for a work visa in Dubai is about ten days.

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