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What are the Dubai Work Visa Requirements?

What are the Dubai Work Visa Requirements?

The biggest city in the United Arab Emirates and the “City of Gold,” Dubai is a thriving commercial hub. Dubai is a well-liked vacation spot for expatriates because, in comparison to neighboring Middle Eastern nations, it has relatively easy visa requirements. Because of this, a nation is a fantastic option for businesses that are growing internationally. However, there are particular guidelines that must be followed in regard to immigration, residence visas, and Dubai work visa, just like in any other nation.

Due to its expanding economy and relatively simple work permit requirements for any willing foreign employees, Dubai is a great location choice if your company intends to expand internationally. However, to ensure that the process of acquiring visas and permits is as easy as possible, it can be beneficial to have a good Visa Company Dubai on your side. However, I am going to discuss the Work permit UAE requirements and process. Let us move on:


Work Visa Type or Categories in Dubai

Foreign nationals must first obtain a visa to enter the UAE in order to apply for a permit to work in Dubai. Dubai provides many types of entry permits and visas i.e.:

  1. Entry Permit Visas
  2. Visit Visas
  3. Tourist Visas
  4. Student Visas
  5. Multiple-Entry Visas
  6. Visas For Medical Treatment

Foreign nationals must first obtain an entry permit visa before they can apply for permits to work and live in Dubai.


Requirements OR Conditions For Getting Work Visa

Foreign nationals must have both a Work permit in UAE and a residence visa in order to work in Dubai. Expats must complete the following paperwork regarding residence visa:

  • A fully filled-out application
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport and the original record
  • Multiple passport pictures
  • Company card copy
  • A health certificate
  • Entry permit by the ministry of labor
  • Proof that your application fee is paid
  • Applicants have to pass a medical test after arrival

The following papers are the basic Dubai work visa requirements:

  • A contract with a Dubai-based organization or company
  • Applicant’s passport copy, birth certificate copy, and, if applicable, marriage certificate too
  • Evidence of property in Dubai, like a copy of the lease
  • Proof that the applicant has the resources necessary to support individuals in Dubai


Application Method

The employer must obtain the necessary visas as well as permits. The employer must also cover the cost of any visa fees. Here is how it works:

  • The employer must seek permission from the Ministry of Labor before employing a foreign worker
  • The Ministry will grant the Dubai employment visa, allowing them to enter and remain in the UAE for a 30-day initial stay
  • The worker goes to Dubai. After their arrival, they have 60 days to apply for a residence visa.
  • As soon as the employee lands in Dubai, the employer starts the process of applying for a work permit, also identified as a labor card.
  • The employee presents a valid passport and entry visa at an Emirates ID service center in order to obtain an ID
  • The worker gets a medical assessment at a public hospital.
  • To request a residence visa, the employer contacts the immigration authorities.
  • The employee submits all important documents to the DNRD (Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai), where their passport will be stamped with it, which will act as their residence visa.
  • The worker is able to start working in Dubai once they have obtained their residence and work visa in Dubai


Additional Important Points

Correspondingly, your business should be aware of the procedures staff members must follow in order to bring their families to Dubai. Employees are allowed to bring their partners, kids, and even parents to Dubai as long as they also acquire a residence visa.

An employee must apply for visas on behalf of any family members they intend to bring to Dubai. They will also need to provide evidence of their relations. Such as birth cards or marriage certificates, in addition to the usual required documents.


Can a UAE Work Visa be Extended or Renewed?

You can, indeed. Work permit UAE can be renewed after being issued for a period of one to three years. Your sponsor must renew your UAE Work Visa no later than 30 days before its expiration date.

The renewal process of a UAE work visa is the same as when you applied the first time. Your sponsor must submit an application to the relevant emirate’s general directorate of residency and foreign affairs. However, if it is still inside that UAE residence visa expiry grace period, your sponsor also may renew your visa after it has expired.

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