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Bring Your Parents visa UAE with Some Conditions?

What Conditions Do You Have to Fulfill to Bring Your Parents visa UAE?

According to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), one should sponsor both parents together. However, you can do it only if you can prove that you are their sole support and they have no one back home to take care of them. Therefore, you can sponsor the parents visa UAE.  However, you must have to fulfill the requirements for bringing your parents to Dubai. So, what are the requirements? We will share all in this blog. Let us look:


5 Conditions for Parents Visa Dubai


1. You Must Have A Valid Visa

UAE residents are eligible to sponsor their parents or other dependents in the UAE via residence visas. In order to be eligible, ex-pats must earn the minimum salary required and obtain a medical insurance policy for their parents that meets minimum coverage requirements. Moreover, these residence visas are renewable. Therefore, you can also apply for residence visa renewal Dubai after a certain period of time.

In addition, ex-pats must meet the Ejari requirement of living in a house or apartment that has at least two bedrooms. This requirement is not applicable to professional employees who earn a high salary. In any case, it tends to be hard for certain individuals to meet.

To obtain an entry permit for your parents, you must visit the Department of Naturalization and Residency in Dubai (DNRD). Afterward, you must submit all of the above-mentioned documents along with a letter from you appealing on humanitarian grounds for your parents’ entry into the country.


2. You Must Have a Valid Entry Permit

What conditions do you have to fulfill in order to bring your parents visa UAE via entry permit? Generally, you must sponsor both parents together. There are, nonetheless, a few prohibitions to this standard.

For example, you can bring your parents to Dubai if one of them has passed away or they are divorced. However, you must provide official documents to prove this.

Similarly, you can also sponsor your children, including sons and stepchildren. They get a residence visa in the UAE for one year, as long as they are unmarried. You should know that all these family visas are renewable. Therefore, you can also apply for a family visa renewal Dubai.

Resident sponsors get 60 days’ time to apply for their dependents’ residence visas after they enter the UAE under an entry permit. Their dependents must then undergo medical fitness tests at government-approved health Centers in the UAE.


3. You Must Possess a Current Resident Permit

If you want to bring your parents to Dubai via parents visa Dubai, some conditions that you need to fulfill. You must ideally get your parents’ residence permit sorted out within 60 days of their entry into the UAE.

If your parents are divorced or deceased, you may have to provide a death/divorce certificate. You must also show that you are their sole provider in their absence.

Muslim residents can sponsor their two wives if they meet certain requirements set by the Immigration Control and Prevention Department (ICP). They can also sponsor their daughters, provided they are unmarried. Similarly, male and female residents can sponsor their sons up to the age of 25.


4. You Must Have A Valid Medical Certificate

If you want to bring your parents to Dubai via parents visa UAE, you must fulfill certain conditions. One of these is that you must prove that you are the only person to care for your parents and there is nobody else available to do this back home.

To do this, you need to get a medical certificate from a doctor. It should include the patient’s name, the time and date of their visit, their diagnosis, and any other pertinent details.

This is an important document since it can support a number of claims. Such as sick leave from work or compensation for tickets to a sporting event, you were unable to attend due to illness. It also bases on facts known to the doctor and should not be misleading.


5. You Must Have A Valid Passport

A passport is a document that allows you to enter and travel to a certain country. It usually has a validity period that expires after you leave that country.

Passports are issued for a range of validity periods, including 1, 2, 3, 5, or even 10 years. Some countries allow you to choose which validity is right for you.

If you are planning to bring your parents to Dubai, it is important to have a valid passport. This is helpful if you want to avoid fines or other hassles that may arise if your passport is expired.


If you are considering bringing your parents to Dubai, you can sponsor them for a residence visa. In addition, this is renewable. Therefore, you can apply for your parents visa renewal Dubai.

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