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Need to Know Before Applying for a Dubai Husband Visa?

What Do You Need to Know Before Applying for a Dubai Husband Visa?

Are you an ex-pat planning to move to Dubai? Alternatively, maybe a tourist looking into visiting soon? If either is the case, then you need to know, what it takes to apply for and secure a Dubai husband visa. With its modern amenities and bustling economy, this exclusive city can be the perfect place for ex-pats and tourists alike.

However, before making any plans to visit or relocate there, understanding the requirements of obtaining a husband visa can go a long way in ensuring stress-free arrival in Dubai. In this blog post, we will cover everything that anyone needs to know about applying for and being accepted on a husband visa UAE. Also, among them are whether you can sponsor your stepchildren and the validity of the visa.


Health Fitness Certificate

The UAE visa application process includes a medical fitness certificate. However, there are specific groups of people who do not need to undergo this medical test. This demand does not apply to individuals who hold a visitor’s visa and intend to visit the nation. However, if a wife sponsoring husband visa in Dubai or any other family visa, this certificate is mandatory.

This is a standard medical examination, that screens for several diseases. Must approve by medical fitness centers. The results of the test will send via email or SMS. In some cases, the result may take a few days to arrive. If you are in a rush, you can pay for expedited service. Depending on the urgency of the results, the price can vary.

In Dubai, a regular medical fitness test costs AED 320. An expedited test costs AED 750. There are several medical fitness centers in the UAE.


Medical Fitness Certificate for Residence

A resident who is free of infectious diseases and parasites will receive a medical fitness certificate for residence from a health authority. The testament is substantial for a very long time from the date of issue.

All new residents entering the UAE must undergo medical testing. Certain groups of people are exempted from the test. They include spouses of residents, foreign workers, and diplomats.

Before entering the UAE, you must pass a medical examination and get an Emirates ID card. You may also be required to pass a security check. This is also required for family visa renewal Dubai.

If you are applying for a residence visa in Dubai, you will have to provide a medical clearance certificate. This is a document attested by the UAE authorities. In addition, you will need to provide two passport-sized photographs with white backgrounds.


Proof of Marriage

If you want to obtain a partner visa Dubai, you will need to prove that you and your partner are legally married. You may need to provide an affidavit statement, proof of marital status, or other documents, depending on the circumstances. For example, if you are applying for an employment visa, you will need to provide a letter from your employer stating that you are eligible to be married.

To legally marry in the UAE, you will need to get your marriage certificate attestation, which will prove that you are in a legal relationship. You can get a document from your home country’s embassy or the UAE Embassy in your home country. It is crucial to keep in mind that you must have a UAE official certify your marriage certificate.


Validity of the Visa

There are some important things to know about the husband visa in Dubai. A special visa is designed to encourage young talents to explore the UAE. You can apply for it online.

To get the best visa possible, you must meet several requirements. First, you must have an employer in the UAE. If you have no sponsor, you must provide a letter of approval from your employer. Moreover, you must have a monthly salary of at least AED 10,000.

Another requirement for a husband visa Dubai is to have medical insurance. The Dubai Health Authority must approve this. Lastly, you must get ready to take a fitness test. Once you pass all these requirements, you can get a visa.

The UAE government has also made some changes to the visa system. For instance, if you have a three-year visa, you will now have to spouse visa renewal Dubai before its expiry.


Can I Sponsor My Stepchildren In The UAE?

Sponsoring stepchildren in UAE requires an ex-pat sponsor who has a valid residency visa. However, the requirements for this visa can vary depending on the kind of sponsor. The sponsor must show that they can provide financial support for their parents.

An ex-pat living in Dubai can sponsor his or her spouse and stepchildren. These sponsors can do so only for one year. They need to prove that they have a salary of at least Dh6000 and can give financial support to their parents. If they want to continue sponsoring their children, they need an annual visa renewal.

The applicant must provide copies of his or her passport, birth certificate, and visa. He or she will also need to pay a refundable deposit of 3,000 AED. This will serve as a guarantee to the immigration department.

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