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What is Family Visa Dubai and All Process?

What is Family Visa Dubai, Applying, Extending, and Cancellation Process?

When people from all over the world come on a Family visa Dubai in search of jobs, they stay here. The beautiful luxury surroundings, high-rise buildings, luxurious residences, and thriving lifestyle have the ability to captivate anyone. Therefore, if you also want to sponsor your family here for a UAE Family visa, then surely there will be no better opportunity than this. So in this blog, we will give you a comprehensive introduction, how to apply for and extend your visa, and useful information on the renewal process. So read this blog carefully until the end. Let us get started:


Introduction to Family Visa Dubai

A family visa in the UAE is a requirement for a husband and wife to come to the UAE for a permanent stay. To apply for a visa, they must be employed or have a residency permit. Their salary should be at least AED 4,000 per month or more. They must also have attested birth certificates and marriage certificates for all members of their family.

The Family Visa Dubai process consists of submitting documents and submitting the required fee. The fee for changing residency status is AED510 and passing the medical exam costs AED320. The sponsoring investor must also pay a refundable deposit of AED320 for each dependent relative. Then, a spouse or other family member will receive a printed application form.

A family visa in Dubai is a great way to start a new life in the UAE with your family. While applying for a family visa, make sure you are physically and mentally fit. All family members must have a clean criminal history and possess a health certificate signed by a UAE government-approved doctor. In addition, they must have a valid passport and Emirates ID.

The sponsoring person must have a valid resident visa in the UAE. They should be earning at least AED 4,000 a month and live in a one-bedroom accommodation. The resident sponsor should also have an Ejari tenancy agreement, which must be in the sponsor’s name. The sponsoring individual has 60 days to apply for a residence visa for their family members.


Types of Dubai Family Visas

Three types of family visas are available in Dubai.


1.    1-year family visa

Those who sponsor their stepchildren will receive a one-year UAE resident visa that UAE family visa renewal must apply for every year.


2.    2 Years Family Visa

A 2-year family visa based on the sponsor’s 2-year employment contract.


3.    3 Years Family Visa

Based on the sponsor’s 3 years of labor contract 3 years Family Visa Dubai is granted


Applying Process

  • Collect the paperwork (soft copies and Original Emirates ID)
  • Send the necessary documents in soft copy and deliver the original Emirates ID
  • The given documents use to establish a new file in the immigration system. They will then start the entry permit creation process
  • Entry permits come in two varieties. The entry permit application will be made based on the location of your family member after the file has been opened. You can obtain the first kind of entry permit if a member of your family resides in Dubai. If a member of your family lives outside of the UAE, you must apply for the second category of entry permit
  • If a member of your family is already in Dubai, you should submit the status change application as the entry permit is approved. They can use the entry permit to enter Dubai if they are outside
  • A family residence visa requires a medical examination, which must be completed at any medical facility



  • Valid Entry permit
  • Valid Passport Copy
  • 2-Passport photographs


The form on the FAIC website must be completed and submitted with the following documents in order to obtain an Emirates ID card:

  • Original passport
  • Original, current proof of residency or entry
  • Either the father’s passport or an emirates id in its original form
  • Passport and visa of the applicant’s sponsor (only for newborns)
  • According to Dubai Health Authority (DHA) regulations, all visa holders are required to have health insurance plans that are approved by the DHA.
  • Final Stamping Process: Within 60 days of the entry permit’s issuance, the visa holder must either travel to Dubai or change their status. The next step is to obtain an Emirates ID and has a medical exam so that the visa stamp


How to Cancel A UAE Family Visa?

You cannot request the cancellation of your UAE visa on your own. Your sponsor must do it. The following steps in order to cancel a UAE residence visa:

  • If you are working in the UAE, your employer will make the initial application to revoke your work permit.
  • Your sponsor submits an application to the GDRFA. Your visa was canceled by the same GDRFA that issued it to you in the first place.
  • Once your Family Visa Renewal Dubai has been revoked, you have 30 days to depart the country.


Family Visa Renewal Dubai Process

The grace period for ex-pats following the expiration or cancellation of their residence visa in the UAE has increased from 30 days to 6 months.  Therefore, foreign nationals now have six months to leave the country or change their status and obtain a new residence visa. During the beauty time frame, there are no fines. Therefore, Dubai family visa renewal is also easy.

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