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What is the maid visa cost Dubai?

What is the maid visa cost Dubai?

If you want to hire a maid, You have to sponsor a maids visa cost Dubai. Maid always assists in your day-to-day tasks.  However, you should know some important factors like cost, insurance, and immigration fees. The maid visa cost in Dubai varies depending on the country of the maid. It also depends on the type of service, salary compliance, and references.

Sponsoring Maid in Dubai, you must be a UAE resident and have a registered income of Dh 6,000 a month or Dh 5,000 when considering accommodation expenses. Bachelors are not allowed to sponsor maids. However, in this blog, we are going to share the cost, typing centers fees, medical insurance, and immigration fees of hiring a maid in Dubai. Let us look:


Visa Cost of Maids Visa Dubai

Maid visa cost Dubai varies depending on your eligibility criteria. In general, sponsors need to show proof of financial stability and provide adequate accommodation for the maid.

To get the visa, sponsors must apply maid visa Dubai online and pay a fee. The time it takes to apply can range from 4 to 6 weeks.

Once the sponsor has been approved, they can hire a maid. The maid must meet all the criteria of the domestic labor law, which includes a minimum monthly income of AED 6,000 and a housing arrangement that provides accommodation for at least two people.

Once the Maid visa cost Dubai to arrive in the UAE, she must first undergo medical testing. She will need to submit a medical fitness report and a stamped Emirates ID application to the GDRFA. Then, she will be issued a residence stamp on her passport. Once this is done, she can work as a housemaid in the UAE.


Typing Centre Fees of Maids Visa Dubai

Typing Centre in Dubai is a government-approved and registered service center that provides assistance to handle a variety of government transactions. They also offer business registration, setup, and consultation services to new companies in the UAE. These typing centers can assist in maids visa renewal Dubai.

The typing center fees in Dubai vary from place to place. Some centers have sky-high rates while others charge a small amount.

For example, a typing center charges Dh200 for VAT-related typing per LLC. The fee increased following the implementation of the UAE’s national ID card scheme, Khaleej Times reports.

The Emirates ID Authority (Eida) says 67 typing centers have lost accreditation to process ID applications because of errors or illegal fees. It said the fee increase would help it combat fraud and scams in the country.


Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is a crucial aspect of life in Dubai, especially if you live on your own. The cost can vary depending on your health needs and the type of coverage you choose, but it can be well worth the investment.

The UAE law states that you need to have adequate health care coverage if you are working or living in Dubai. If you do not, you may face a fine of up to AED 500 per month. In addition, your new visa will refuse or your existing one will not renew.

You can find a wide range of medical plans in Dubai for a tadbeer maid visa, including international coverage. Some are more comprehensive than others. Therefore, it is crucial to compare shops for the finest price.

The UAE has a very high standard of healthcare, and it is important to make sure you have proper coverage. This will help to cover the costs of unforeseen medical expenses, as well as prevent any unnecessary hospital bills.


Immigration Fees

When you are hiring a maid for your home, you should be sure that the employee is legally entitled to work in the UAE. Hiring a casual employee without obtaining their proper visa can land you in hot water with the Ministry of Labour.

For a nanny visa Dubai, you need to follow certain procedures and fill out a lot of paperwork. This can be time-consuming and difficult if you do not have experience in dealing with this kind of paperwork.


You can apply for a residence visa through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFAD). The authority processes the application for sponsorship and issues the entry permit if both you and your maid meet all eligibility criteria.

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