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New Laws made for Dubai Tourist visa or Visit visas in 2023?

What New Laws have been made for Dubai Tourist visa or Visit visas in 2023?

The UAE is changing its immigration policies, making it easier to obtain a Dubai tourist visa. These changes have come into effect from Monday, 3 October 2022. One of the major improvements is a Dubai multiple-entry visa that does not need a sponsor. This allows tourists to stay for up to 90 days on each visit, which is renewable. However, in this blog, we are going to discuss the new rules and regulations imposed by the Dubai government for a Dubai visit visa and visit visa. Let us have a look:


Four Types of Tourist Visa


There are four varieties of visitor visas:

Type 1:

For a short-term, single-entry Dubai tourist visa price will be 250 AED. This visa is valid for 30 days from the date of entrance and it is not extendable.

Type 2:

The cost is 690 AED for a short-term, multiple-entry tourist visa that is valid for 30 days from the date of entrance and it is not extendable.

Type 3:

A long-term, single-entry tourist visa costs 600 AED. It is valid for 90 days from the date of admission and it is not extendable.

Type 4:

The cost is 1740 AED for a long-term, multiple-entry tourist visa. That is valid for 90 days from the date of entrance and it is not extendable.

Please be aware that the overstaying fees are 200 AED for an outpass in addition to 100 AED every day. If the overstaying is even less than 30 days, customers can pay at the GDRFA-D HQ or the DUBAI airports when they leave the country. If it has been longer than 30 days, you can only pay at the GDRFA-D HQ.


Other Visas:


Multi-entry Tourist Visa

A Dubai multiple-entry visa is a type of travel permit that allows a person to enter a certain country more than once within its validity period. It is in contrast to a single-entry visa, which only permits a person to enter a particular country once and then expires.

Dubai tourist visa is issued for tourists and business travelers. They can use it for up to five years, and each visit must last at least 90 days.

In order to get a multiple-entry visa, you should provide the following documents:

  • Your passport copy
  • Confirmed ticket for your stay in the UAE
  • You may also need to provide a letter of invitation from a hotel or an airline that will be hosting you during your trip.

You can apply for a five-year multiple-entry tourist visa online through the ICA or GDRFA website. You can either upload the required documents yourself or hire an agency to do it for you.


Business Entry Visa

Dubai has a booming business sector, which attracts hundreds and thousands of international business delegates from different countries. However, it is essential to have a valid Dubai visa before visiting the country.

One of the most popular visas is the Business Entry Visa. It is available to those who are working for qualifying companies or organizations in Dubai.

It allows foreign nationals to visit the UAE for a period of 5 years to perform business activities. They can stay up to 90 days at a time and enter or exit the UAE as many times as they wish within that period.

This type of visa is suitable for business travelers. Especially, who need to travel frequently and stay no longer than a few months at a time. It is also a good option for business owners who plan to move to the UAE in the future and have a local sponsor.

In addition, the Business ETA is available for foreign nationals who plan to study in Dubai. As long as they complete their studies in fewer than three months. It is also available for business owners and employees who plan to live in Dubai as residents.


Family Entry Visa

Countless expatriates are currently living in Dubai, and they have a need to bring their family members to the UAE. To fulfill this need, the UAE government has introduced a family entry visa. That permits foreign nationals to enter the country and sponsor their families.

The new rules for the family visa have come into effect on 3 October 2022. The license will be substantial for a time of 60 days. In addition, it is renewable for a similar amount of time as well. However, the Dubai visit visa price or tourist visa price is almost similar. But this varies from country to country.

In order to apply for a family visa, ex-pats need to follow the right channels. Moreover, submit their documents as per requirements. These may include an embassy, consulate, or VHS global office.


Aside from the required documents, the applicant must also undergo a medical examination as per the guidelines of the UAE government. The medical must be done from an approved hospital. In the case of minors, they must also submit a notarized letter from the parents or legal guardian.

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