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Who Can Sponsor Residence Visa Dubai?

Who Can Sponsor Residence Visa Dubai?

Having a residence visa Dubai is a huge advantage, especially when you are traveling on a business trip and want to remain in the country while you are there. But, it can be difficult to find someone to sponsor your visa. Both employers and employees with valid UAE residency visas can sponsor families for residence visas. Unlike before, employees who make a minimum salary of AED 4,000. As well as AED 3,000 plus housing, can sponsor their relatives regardless of their job titles. Every new arrival who has reached the age of 18 must pass the medical fitness examination. Let us look at the requirements:


Requirements for Sponsorship

If they possess a valid residence permit or visa, expatriate residents may sponsor their families to live in the UAE. The sponsor must earn a minimum of 4,000 AED per month or 3,000 AED per month plus housing.

Male and female members of the family who are going to sponsor. Those who are at least 18 years old must go through medical testing and pass them at UAE health facilities. That can get the necessary approval. In unique circumstances that authorize the ICP, a mother may sponsor her kids.

After dependents enter the UAE with an entry permit, the resident sponsor has 2 months to apply for their residence visa. Regardless of the length of the sponsor’s visa, a resident can sponsor his parents, as well as the residence visa, will be issued on an annual basis.

No longer is the type of profession a requirement for an ex-pat worker to sponsor his family’s visas. A residence visa UAE will not be issued to those who are medically unfit. A one-year “Health Fitness Certificate for Residence” is issued to residents. Who has been diagnosed with dormant or unresponsive pulmonary tuberculosis? Subject to diagnosis and follow-up by the relevant health authority.


Sponsor Family Members


1. Sponsoring Your Spouse and Kids

If an expatriate resident meets, the sponsorship criteria listed above, he may sponsor the residence visa for his wife and children. The expatriate resident must provide an evidenced marriage certificate in Arabic. Or one that can translate into Arabic by a certificated translator to prove that the wife is already a sponsor.


2. Sponsoring Two Spouses

If a Muslim resident complies with strict requirements set by ICP, he can sponsor his both wives.


3. Sponsoring Daughters

With no age restrictions, an expatriate resident can only sponsor his daughter(s) if she (they) are unmarried.


4. Sponsoring Sons

Either up until the age of 25, a man or woman resident may sponsor his /her son. There are no age restrictions on sponsorship for Sons of Determination (those with special needs).


5. Sponsoring Newborns

To avoid fines for infants born in the UAE, a residence visa Dubai will have to apply for within 120 days of the child’s birth.


6. Sponsoring Stepchildren

Subject to the GDRFA’s requirements, including a deposit for every child as well as a written no-objection letter from the biological parent, an expatriate resident may sponsor his stepchildren. Their visas for permanent residence are yearly renewable and valid for one year. UAE residence visa renewal is mandatory as per the government.


Documents Requirements

The following paperwork is mandatory to sponsor a wife and children:

  • Application form, which can submit online or at a registered typing facility
  • Copies of the wife’s and kids’ passports
  • Pictures of the spouse and kids
  • A copy of the wife’s and the children’s medical clearance forms
  • A copy of the husband’s employment or business contract
  • The employer has provided a salary certificate outlining the husband’s monthly pay
  • Certified marriage license
  • Registered lease agreement


Sponsoring Your Parents

By needing to pay a deposit as an assurance for each parent as required by the relevant immigration department, an expatriate employee could sponsor his parents for a year’s stay.

A foreign employee is not applicable to sponsor just one of his parents. He must jointly sponsor both Parents residence visa Dubai. Additionally, he must demonstrate that he is their only source of support. In addition, they have no one to look after them at home.

Official documents supporting the need to sponsor only one parent are required. If one of the parents has died suddenly or if the parents are divorced.

An employed expatriate citizen must have the minimum salary to sponsor parents. As well as a medical insurance strategy for parents with the required minimum coverage for each.  , this residence visa renewal annually is a must.


The DNRD in Dubai requires a minimum income of AED 20,000 to sponsor a parent’s visa, according to the Amer website.

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