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Who is eligible for a Long-Term Residence Visa in the UAE?

Who is eligible for a Long-Term Residence Visa in the UAE?

The UAE has welcomed more foreigners, but only on a selective basis, imposing stringent requirements on prospective residents. The UAE has various requirements for those looking to apply for a long-term residence visa UAE. You can work in Dubai and be eligible for a residency visa if your employer sponsors your stay. Alternatively, you can join your family in Dubai and be eligible for a residency visa if a UAE national or employer sponsors you. The following are the various types of long-term residency visas:



Eligibility for Long-Term Residence Visa UAE



1.    Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs and business people, a long-term residence visa Dubai is a good way to expand their business and build a sustainable base in the country. Entrepreneurs can apply for a long-term residency visa through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC). The new visa category is available for entrepreneurs.

The new Entrepreneurs Residence Visa aims to make it easier for entrepreneurs to conduct business in the UAE. The Visa is valid for five years. Moreover, this residence visa renewal is also easy. Entrepreneurs can also sponsor their partners, children, and three executives in their companies. Furthermore, if the entrepreneur has invested at least Dh500000 in their venture, he or she will be eligible for a five-year residence visa and can eventually upgrade it to a ten-year residence visa. Furthermore, entrepreneurs can also sponsor their spouses, children, and three executive directors.

In addition to the Entrepreneur’s Residence Visa, business owners can also apply for the Investor Visa. This visa permits far-off nationals to live, work, and study in the UAE. Applicants must have a valid employment contract, which may be a requirement for some visas.



2.    Investor Visa

Applicants with Dh1 million in property can get three-year visas; those with Dh5 million in property can obtain five-year visas. In addition, those with Dh10 Million or more in public spending can obtain a ten-year residence visa in Dubai. Investors can sponsor partners along with their spouses and children if they invest Dh10 million in the Emirati economy. Ten-year visa holders may also sponsor one executive and one advisor. The application process for a long-term residence visa in UAE is very simple. You just need to submit the required documents and show that you are ready to relocate to the UAE. The visa can be reestablished every six months.



3.    Exceptional Students

Exceptional students who have achieved an excellent degree can apply for a five-year UAE residency visa. If you have a GPA of 3.75 and an average of 95 percent, you can apply for a long-term residency visa for yourself, as well as a long-term visa for your family.



4.    Specialized Talents

Researchers working in the field of arts and culture may obtain ten-year visas if they obtain a valuable patent and accreditation from the UAE Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development Inventors. Sponsorship is only available for spouses and children.



5.    Doctors and Specialists

Ph.D. holders from the world’s top 500 universities with at least ten years of experience, awards, and/or contributions to mainstream newspapers and projects in the science field may be granted ten-year visas. Sponsorship is only available for spouses and children and residence visa renewal in Dubai is also easy with the same process.



6.    Executives

Individuals who own internationally recognized companies and have high achievements and standard professional experience will be able to apply for ten-year visas as well as sponsor their spouses and children.



7.    Housemaids, Cooks, Drivers, Nannies, And Other Domestic Help

Domestic workers are often targeted for ‘crimes’, including theft and adultery. In addition, they may be subject to ‘sorcery’ charges, which carry jail sentences. However, most of these cases are dropped prior to trial. In addition, the threat of criminal charges is sometimes used to extract forced labor.

The UAE government has introduced new regulations under golden visa UAE, to ensure the rights of domestic workers. Starting from March, citizens inquire to hire domestic workers through Tadbeer centers. Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation Nasser bin Thani Al Hamli has stated that the closure of private recruitment offices will simplify the process and protect the rights of domestic workers.

While the UAE government is aware of abuses of domestic workers, it must implement labor laws that clearly define their rights and provide mechanisms to combat abuses. However, some UAE recruitment agencies seek to protect domestic workers. While others try to scare away their sponsors by portraying domestic workers in a negative light.

Domestic workers are often excluded from basic labor protections, and most domestic workers do not enjoy a decent amount of rest time. In extreme cases, they are required to work for up to 21 hours a day. Their employers often do not give them any break time, and they rarely are paid on time or even at all.

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