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Who’s eligible for UAE Golden Visa?

Who's eligible for UAE Golden Visa?

The UAE Golden Visa is a prestigious program. It was established to attract high-net-worth individuals from around the world.

The following groups are eligible for this visa:



The investor category of the UAE Golden Visa is reserved for high-net-worth individuals who invest a minimum of AED 2 million into a UAE-based business. The investment must be made in cash, property, or government bonds and held for at least 3 years. The investment should go towards the creation or expansion of local businesses. It is also possible to apply Golden Visa UAE if you have a certain amount of liquid capital that can be provided as evidence of your wealth.



A professional is someone who has an advanced degree or certification in a specialized field. This can include fields such as medicine, engineering, law, finance, and architecture. To get a golden visa in Dubai as a professional with this visa class, you need to show that you have experience in the field of your choice and that you have been financially self-sufficient for at least one year prior to applying.



Entrepreneurs are people who have the ability to create new business opportunities. They’re eligible for a 10-year residence permit. This is good news for entrepreneurs who want to build businesses in the UAE. It allows them to bring their family members along with them. In order to qualify, you must have a minimum investment of $1 million and a business plan, as well as apply for your first visa under this category.

The UAE undoubtedly has a thriving economy, with many different sectors and opportunities for entrepreneurs.


Medical doctors

The Golden Visa Dubai is a program that offers residency visas to certain categories of people, including medical professionals. To be eligible, you must be holding a valid medical license and be employed by a UAE-based hospital. You will also need to provide proof of your medical qualifications and experience.


Researchers and Professors

If you are a researcher/professor employed by a research institution/university in the UAE, you are eligible for the Golden Visa. The visa allows you to live and also work in the UAE for up to five years.  It’s a renewable visa.

To be eligible, you must have a valid employment contract with an institution or university. You should also have at least three years of experience in your field of research.


Outstanding students

The Golden Visa UAE is a special visa program to attract people with valuable skills and talents to work or study in the UAE. To be eligible for the Golden Visa UAE, you must be a student who received a distinction or top 10% in your last academic year and has at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.


Apply for a Golden Visa UAE

If you meet the criteria for a golden visa, you can begin the process of applying for one. The first step is to fill out an application form, which you can get from the UAE embassy or consulate in your country. Once you have completed the application form, you will need to submit it along with a passport-sized photo and your travel documents. You can submit the UAE Golden Visa application by mail or in person at the UAE embassy or consulate in your country of residence.


UAE golden visa price

The UAE golden visa price will vary depending on whether you’re currently in the UAE or not.

Price for applicants currently in the UAE:

Ranges between AED 2800 to AED 3800.

Price for applicants currently outside the UAE:

Ranges between AED 3800 to AED 4800.


Dubai visa services for UAE golden visa


Applying for a UAE Golden Visa is not a very complicated task but having a professional handle it for you can make the process more stress-free. Dubai visa services providers like Docman can assist and walk you through each stage of the process.

The Golden Visa undoubtedly offers a great opportunity that offers investors and their families a number of benefits. If you meet all of the eligibility criteria, obtaining your Golden Visa can be an excellent way to invest in your future and also gain unparalleled access to some of the best opportunities in the region.

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