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Why Dubai Govt. is not Allowing you to Hire a Maid visa?

Why Dubai Govt. is not Allowing you to Hire a Maid visa from your Native Homeland?

Looking for a maid in Dubai? You are not alone. In a city where millions of people are crammed into a small space, it is no wonder that many residents rely on domestic help to keep their homes clean and tidy. But finding a qualified maid can be a challenge. Especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process of sponsoring a tadbeer maid visa. However, you have an idea about sponsors from specific countries. However, in this blog, we are going to share the process of hiring a maid in Dubai. In addition, we will discuss why you can sponsor a maid from a specific country. Let us have a look:


Process of Sponsoring Maid Visa in Dubai

The first step is to identify a reputable maid agency in Dubai. There are many agencies to choose from, so it is important to do your research before making a decision. Once you have found an agency you can trust, the next step is to apply for the Maids Visa Dubai. You can do via online or through your local embassy. The process may be complicated. Therefore, it is important to follow the instructions carefully and get all of the required documents ready.

Once your visa approves, the next step is to find a suitable maid. The most effective way to do this is to request recommendations from friends and family. If you do not have any personal connections, you can also check out online forums and maid service websites. Once you have found a few potential candidates, it is time to schedule an interview. This is your chance to get to know the maid and make sure that she is a good fit for your family.

If everything goes well, the final step is to sponsor the Maids Visa UAE. This will allow her to live and work in Dubai for an extended period. Sponsoring a maid visa in Dubai can be a complicated process. Still, it’s worth it if you want to enjoy the benefits of having a reliable and hardworking domestic helper in your home. But there are some serious concerns when hiring a maid from any specific country.


Restrictions of Sponsoring Maid Other than Specific Countries

There are some reasons why there are restrictions on hiring maid visa Dubai from only specific countries.

  • First and foremost, these countries have a reputation for producing high-quality domestic workers. They have a strong work ethic and are known for being reliable and trustworthy.
  • Additionally, these countries have robust laws and regulations to protect domestic workers’ rights.
  • As a result, maids from these countries are less likely to be exploited or mistreated.
  • Finally, these countries have close ties to the United Arab Emirates, making it easier for maids to obtain visas and travel to Dubai.

Overall, the restrictions on hiring maids from only certain countries.  That is designed to protect both domestic workers and employers alike. Nowadays in every family, both husband and wife go out for work.

So there is a need for someone who can take care of their house and children in their absence. For this purpose, people sponsor nanny visa Dubai. In earlier times, people used to employ local maids but now with changing times, people prefer to hire maids from other countries. The most common countries from which people prefer to hire maids are Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, and Nepal.


Some Other Reasons

The reasons for this change are many like the quality of work, behavior, salary expectations, etc. Let us discuss some of them in detail: Maids from these countries are more professional as compared to the local ones. They know their job very well and perform all the tasks allocated to them efficiently without any complaints. They also follow all the instructions given by their employer correctly.

Another reason why people prefer foreign maids is that they are more dedicated to their work as compared to local ones. They work for long hours without taking any breaks in between unlike local maids who often take frequent breaks or sometimes even leave work incomplete just because they feel like it.

Foreign maids also expect lesser salaries as compared to local ones which is another factor that attracts employers toward them. In some cases, they even agree to work on a part-time basis which helps save even more money. All these factors make foreign maids a better option as compared to local ones. That is why there are restrictions on hiring maids in Dubai from only certain countries.


By doing so, employers can be sure that they are getting quality help that would dedication to work and not cost them too much money.  Moreover, these days several agencies provide services for hiring maids OR helping in maids visa renewal Dubai process with ease. So finding a good maid is not a difficult task anymore. You can simply contact one of these agencies and get the process started.

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